Thursday, June 15, 2017


The money side of blogging.  I have communicated privately with Montoya many times that if he would stop attacking his fellow bloggers as part of the money he gets to promote certain people, he could easily raise $4000 a month in revenue.  It would make me very happy to see him succeed in this, but he has to change some of his tactics if he wants the big money.

I have no problem with the money.  The NYT's models many of its stories or non stories based on longer term advertising clients.  Fox news dumped Bill O'Reilly because the advertisers started to pull out.  So if money influences national news networks why should their be a different rule for bloggers.  I have been offered money and have turned it down.  I hate money. I am truly a classically trained socialist and I believe money taints everything.

I am at my limits with the Russian Trump story.  The fake liberal media is keeping it alive to discredit Trump.  I see in the NYT and CNN misleading headlines to draw you into the story which actually says nothing.

I do not support Trump or his policies, but this is a witch hunt and is driven by money.  The misleading headlines bring in more people clicking on your news page or buying your paper.  Professional journalism is dead in the US.


We as bloggers when we work together on major issues have had a many successes.  Montoya gave me the information I needed to find the documents which showed Carlos Elizondo had a felony complaint based on stealing wheel chairs.  He could not find the right papers so he could not complete the story.  I had no problem admitting that Juan;s reporting gave me  the heads up.  If asked if able I would not think twice about helping him find civil or criminal cases.  We can meet on the second flooMy r and I will help him with his story.  Documents make the story more credible.  This will help him get more advertising.

My view is we need to stop attacking one another for our reporting based on who is paying us.  Write all of the stories promoting whomever is paying you.  I will pass no judgment.  But if Ifind evidence to the contrary I will publish it.  But for me to attack paid bloggers for helping people who I believe are bad for Brownsville and then the paid blogger attacking me for posting contrary information, in the end all blogges lose credibility.  The best response to anything I post is to write positively about the person paying you.  Find good things to say about the person and just keep on posting positive things about the person who is paying you without this stupid back and forth of attacking.

When Zeke Silva opened coffee shop, despite our differences, because I am a huge supporter of family owned businesses, I told my readers who live in the to support the business.


My readers may be surprised by me endorsing Alex for state rep. and I get to vote in that one. Now there  are other candidates I need to check out before endorsing anyone, but I know for sure I will never vote for Rene Olivera.  Alex's biggest negative is he does not bring 30 years experience to the table.  His biggest positive is he is not Rene Oliviera, and in reality Rene has never used his power which comes with 30 years experience to help Brownsville.  He wrote the legislation which allowed UT to cheat UTB out of rent.  Once he wrote a piece of legislation which was so anti consumer and pro medical community he could not even get a second from the Republicans and it died.

Alex needs to start detailing his most significant accomplishments so people know him as something more than a name.  Now to be honest the accomplishments of any county commission especially in a small county population wise might not be much, but that is not the commissioner's fault.  I personally want to know what he has done to make Cameron County into a metroplex such as Hidalgo County.  If he has actually worked on this issue it could be his defining issue which makes him a real contender.


It is simple, our work in exposing corruption and the problems before attacking one another because someone is paying us.  Again I have zero problems with the money issue, it is the bogus stories attacking one another because it compromises our mission.  A mission we have been good at.  Jim Barton is the best Photo Journalist among us.  We need to promote one another while accepting our differences.

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BobbyWC said...

I cannot accept your post because I have a long standing stated policy of not allowing posts with identify other blogs. Second your claim that the bloggers readership is down is 100%. Mine is stable. My loyal readers know I will get better and start posting more. I am hoping if after a nap I can collect the documents to post a hard hitting story tomorrow. My goal is three a week for now. But my readers know I am going now where and check in everyday for something. My numbers have not changed one bit.

Further no one has the ability to track the readership of the blogs, and the experts know the accounts the blogges have are easily manipulated. So your entire premise the blogs are dead is based on your bias and no scientific evidence. Really who would expend the expence to track the readership of local blogs.

I do agree that this is a long shot. I believe two are already on board. I have people trying to get the third on board. Tomorrow will be the test.

Bobby WC