Thursday, June 1, 2017

I love this song.  I am blessed to understand several languages.  I'm tired.  My hypothalamus will not allow me to sleep.  I am in day 4.  No sleep aids work.  Plus I am waiting on advanced testing of the protein in my spinal fluid.  Normal high is 45, mine was at 86.2. The headache leaves me unable to do anything.  No matter what the result I lose because if they find the cause it will be bad.  If they cannot find the cause there is no treatment for the pressure in my head.  My liver is missing an enzyme needed to allow pain killers to work.  Nothing works.  Morphine is like injecting me with saline. This song gives me peace so I love to listen to Edith Piaf.   Music is my solice.  Mom loved her hifi and music.  i guess I got it from her.  I still have her albums from the 40's and 50's and never tire of listening to t he music on my old record player.


It is booming.  Construction is everywhere.  While it was a mistake my roommate took me to dinner and Academy on Wednesday.  We ran into some of his friends buying bikes to use on the Alton Gloor trail.  My roommate takes his grandchildren.  It is not that the bike trails are bad because they are not. It is about being more responsible in how money is spent.  The bike trails complement Brownsville amazing weather.

Going out was a mistake.  I had to leave the store to keep from falling down and passing out from the pain.  Dinner was difficult but good at the Oyster Bar.  I am lucky to have a driver to take me where I need to go, and my roommate to help care for me at home.  Today I am getting a seat for the shower because I fall down. But I am disappointed in those who have not come forward to check on me.

Guys, Brownsville is exploding with new construction.  Do not allow the racists to influence you.  What is happening is in spite of an incompetent county and city commission.  People are just moving forward in business having given up on any hope of help from the county or city.  My neighborhood is booming with remodelling.  There are new apartments and housing going up everywhere.  New cars abound on our roads.  I am so happy for Brownsville that the corner seems to have finally turned.  And in spite of the city's failure with downtown business people with money are investing in remodelling.  It is coming along.  When I moved into Cedar Springs Dallas, it was whores, drug dealers and prostitutes.  The gays came in and made it into a great community which eventually priced out too many people.  Good change is coming.  If the El Jardin process materializes I believe downtown will explode with young professionals.


I grew up in NY at a time everyone used Yiddish words every day, along with Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian.  It was our language.  The NYT certainly knew the odd word Trump used in a tweet was Yiddish for a futile quest which in effect was mocking the press.   So why was the press all bothered by the tweet.  Are you telling me not one Jewish journalist could tell the truth.  The press sucks. Maybe Yiddish is dying.  I do not support Trump, but the press' obsession to attack everything Trump now has me in the mode of the child who called wolf.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get better. I know you feel bad, but some of us who don't come over for whatever reason still think about you; we ain't bad people.
You have raised a question for when you get back. Are a human's offspring and friends required to be there until the end to take care of said human, and what if said human has neither offspring nor friends? Not sure if this is a question about finances or dignity.
Again, hope you feel better.

BobbyWC said...

I appreciate your post. No my issue is there are people I have helped a lot, and not a word. My roommate cannot do everything.

I did get 6 hours sleep last night because the VA put me on trazadone. But I could not get out of bed because of the pain. I do not give a crap about anything at this point. i just want the paid to go away.

Until the advanced test results come back there is nothing which can be done. My biggest fear is, and it is what i expect, the results will be inconclusive as to the elevated protein levels and then they will do nothing.

My humble opinion is, because i know my body is, they need to shunt my enlarged ventricles. We have known about them since 86' when I had my first TIA. See today's post

Bobby WC