Saturday, June 17, 2017


Nudity is not always sexual.  For example I found all of the pictures of Melania Trump to be artistic. Nudity can be beauty, artistic or political and unfortunately filthy.  I know this is way outside what I would normally post.  I respect your right to see it as filth.  It is not, as used it is political.  But I respect our differences.

This past legislative session the Texas Republicans passed so many discriminatory laws, I see the AG very busy in federal court.  What happened to the State of Texas?  Yes I agree the Democrats have not given us a viable choice and they are as much to blame.

This term the so called anti-government Texas Republicans passed more anti family and anti children laws and laws which control our daily lives than ever before.  Imagine a law which allows for discrimination against children because they identify as LGBTQ.  Imagine a law which allows the state to send such children for religious training.  Imagine a law which denies them healthcare.

You can be a Texas Republican if you want.  It is your right, but stop telling me you are about anti-government because you are not.  You are about bringing Christian Sharia law into our homes even at the cost of healthcare for children.

Remember Sharia law comes from the Old Testament.  Christians quote it all of the time to justify their actions.

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