Saturday, June 17, 2017


My BPUB bill just posted. For this same period last year it was $304.  The one I just got is $249.  Can you imagine what it would be like if they lowered the electric and water rates.  The blow in insulation and energy efficient doors are paying off.  Also next month will reflect the more energy efficient new refrigerator.  It may only be an addition $2.00, but everything adds up.

My actual electric bill is $117.00, but then they add in $49.00 for the fuel surcharge.  We are at record lows for the cost of electricity throughout the country because of the record low prices for oil and natural gas.  This surcharge was added at a time of near record highs.

The next big challenge for the city commissionis, do away with the surcharge starting with the next billing cycle.  The highest bills the consumer will have will be the next 3 billing cycles.

This is on the back of the city commission to make this happen.  Getting rid of the surcharge will be easier than lowering the rates.

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