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Before I hear it, I want to be clear, this is not an endorsement and I stand by my position that JP's should be lawyers.  And before I hear, Erin Garcia proves me wrong - lets deal in facts.  The complaint filed by Luis Sorola, had Erin Garcia fought it, she would have won.  An identical case against another judge who was sanctioned was reversed by the courts as violating Free Speech.  On the issue of granting 72 hour waivers, the Dallas County Attorneys office has authorized the JP's to sign the 72 hour waivers.  My ex paid $60.00 for his wedding and waiver signed by the JP.  A survey of all major counties showed none charge a fee for a waiver, and do not require the marriage applicant ask a district court judge for the waiver.  It was all bullshit.  Cameron County continues to steal  from some of the poorest people in the US by charging a fee for a waiver.  Dallas County maybe nearly 20 years ago faced a class action when it was discovered the district clerk was charging illegal fees.  It cost Dallas County millions.  But the corrupt Cameron County attorneys will continue on no legal authority to order the district clerk to charge the fee as an illegal tax on the people of Cameron County.  If you really cared about the people this is the story you would write.


Yea I was happy I pushed myself yesterday, but I paid a price.  I came into the house and rested for a while and then took a shower.  I decided I  was okay to drive to Leslie's Pools to have the water checked, and buy a clarifier.  The Palm tree flowers are doing a job on my pool.  Well I was already at Leslie's so I decided to go a bit further to the restaurant "La Siberia" on Alton Gloor for their soft Tacos which are amazing.  I enjoyed my meal, but when done was stuck in my seat because of the headache and leg pain.  I finally got up to pay and while standing at the counter started to feel disoriented from the headache, and then nearly fell when the slippage occurred on my left side.  I held onto the counter to keep from hitting the ground.  By that point I was gone.  I left my debit card in the machine.  They have it and I will go back Monday.  Like a bent over old man I hobbled out of the restaurant in horrible pain.  I have no idea how I got home.  I had to stop at the HEB on 802 to rest.  I had planned on stopping at the one closer to my house. but I needed to stop.  I did not finish my shopping because my legs kept on giving out from the slippage.  I am at two years of the VA ignoring my complaints over the slippage.  I got what I could and got in the car and sat and then finished the trip.  Well when I got home I was bed bound.  Every time I tried to walk to the kitchen I would get the slippage on both sides.  I fell and finally gave up and stayed in bed.  Yea, yesterday I liked working outside but even with the breaks I over did it.  Again I am on 5 hours sleep because the Lyrica no longer works on the neuropathy in my thighs.  We tried to up the dosage by a 150 mg, but no difference.  5 hours and I wake up in horrible pain as if someone is rolling razor blades up and down my thighs.


Robert Sanchez's ex wife hired a lawyer, who billed her like the fool so  she could claim the house she had lived in with Robert Sanchez.  This is like first day Family Law in law school.  But apparently the lawyer hired by Lorri Sanchez must have missed that day.  Do not write about something you have no knowledge of - journalism 101.

In Texas any property you own before marriage is your private property.  The judge in the Sanchez case apparently did not miss the first day of Family Law in law school, and ruled the house was the sole property of Robert Sanchez, and not community property.  Now it does get more complicated.  If after marriage the house value increases by $100,000, and then you get divorced that $100,000 increase in value during the course of the marriage entitles the wife to half, although it never works out that way because of other rules.

The typing monkey demands Mary Esther pay property taxes on two properties which are solely owned by her husband.  Since when is Mary Esther liable for another parties' property taxes on their property, and a property she is not a co owner on.  Here is the hard lesson so many people learn the hard way.  They pay the separate debt of the spouse, and once the debt is paid they divorce.  The spouse who paid the private debt of the other spouse is entitled to nothing including an ownership interest in real property.  No competent lawyer would advice Mary Esther to pay the private debt of Lius Sorola.  But the typing monkey knew none of this because knowledge is not a consideration of the typing monkey.

Also it is as common as apple pie for the appraisal districts, the state and IRS to work with small businesses to allow for payments.  This is the norm.  The governmental entities do this so as to not put the businesses out of business because they are otherwise still paying taxes.

I have revealed I had an IRS lien wherein I was making payments.  This is standard practice for small business owners.  It means nothing.  Luis Sorola is taking advantage of the same rights used by any other small business owner.  There is nothing to see here.  The BV does its best to be fair and honest. When the same problem was revealed about Ernie Hernandez I provided the same explanation.  Luis Sorola deserves the same respect on this issue.

It is the type story written by a failed journalist who sees no need to get to the legal nuances on the issue and just goes with the trashing of two people who have done nothing wrong. Now again, I am not endorsing anyone.  I just believe everyone deserves to have the truth told about them, the good the bad and the ugly.  I stand my desire that all JP's be lawyers.  Now if the lawyer who runs against Mary Esther turns out to be less than honest, then I will have a hard time voting for a lawyer.  It is all to early to decide.


Mary Esther almost gives validity to this complaint by whining about how she is not getting as many marriage ceremonies as others.

I have been sent information on her performance and the number of cases she disposes of.  I have not run any stories on this issue because to compare Mary Ester to the other two Brownsville JP's is like comparing apples and oranges.  Mary Esther's office is not next door to the building where you go for marriage licenses, such as the other two JP's.  It is located at a distance from the main court house.  This may change soon as they move the two JP's out of the court house as the new extension continues.  Their offices along with the extension will allow for more county court at law and district court rooms.

Mary Esther gets fewer marriages because she is not next door to the office which issues marriage licenses.  She gets fewer civil and criminal filings because most people do not even know where her office is to file a civil case.  For tickets it is just easier for the state and county to file them in the main court house.  None of this is Mary Esther's fault.  Once she is together with the other JP's then we can compare apples to apples.


Judge Linda Salazar for some time has been lobbying for a central clerk for all three JP's.  She wants the computer to assign the cases.  Right now we have forum shopping by the lawyers and the state and county agencies based on who they think will be most favorable to their civil case, or  move the ticket cases fastest.   Linda Salazar is pushing for a central clerk to randomly assign the cases so each judge gets the same number of cases.

Further either the county or state needs to set a standard rate for getting married.  My ex paid a mere $60.00 for the marriage and the 72 hour waiver in Dallas.  The rate in Cameron county is way too high and the county or state need to reign in how much judges can charge.  Also if done during business hours, half should go to the county.

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