Tuesday, June 27, 2017


So today the typing monkey attacked the bloggers and Herald for not discussing the Senate Bill to repeal Obamacare.  Mind you, beyond his attack he offers no explanation as to the Senate Bill to his handful of readers.

He will say it is okay for him with his superior intellect to attach the bloggers for not saying anything, but because he is special it is okay he says nothing.

My readers unlike his are not complete narrow minded bigots.  When a person gets on line there are endless links discussing the Senate Bill.  According to the typing monkey his readers are too stupid to click on one of those links and need to read the analysis on the local blogs.

There are three main issues.  Millions under the expanded medicaid program will lose coverage.  Not an issue in Texas since Governor Perry opted out of the expanded medicaid coverage.  It will gut Planned Parenthood.  Yes a problem since it is so much more than providing abortions.

Texas already defunded Planned Parenthood so not an issue.  From the Washington Post.

"Five years ago, we learned in Texas what can happen when efforts to defund Planned Parenthood are carried out: The network of health-care providers falls apart and women lose access to essential preventive services. Now Trump and his allies are poised to wreak the same havoc on the country that the 2011 Republican state legislature imposed on Texas."

Last the premiums will go up for older people.  Now this one will touch Texas.  But i will bet the farm AARP is sending out notices of this to all of their members, which begins at age 50.

No Maria, my readers are educated and know the story does not really touch Texas, and AARP is already sending notices to the older people who will have to pay more for premiums.  So my dear Maria since you did not say anything in your post, please tell us how this will impact the valley in a way AARP and endless national news links are not already informing people of same.

The purpose of a local blogger is to inform their readers on things which impact them which is not covered elsewhere.  There is no challenge in just doing a copy and paste from the NYT unless you are adding perspective not provided by the NYT.

Yes my dear readers so long as you keep on demanding a write up on the typing monkey's comic strip the BV will be there for you.


Anonymous said...

The monkey is desperate for someone, anyone, to read his silly blog.

BobbyWC said...

H believes his moronic stories are irritating people so he continues. He refuses to accept people just see them as a comic strip of an idiot. No one is irrated. But he continues with his comic strip with the intent to irrate people because that is all he has in life. The fact he has failed at his task means nothing to him because deep down he truly believe people are fuming at the mouth because of his endless moronic posts, when if fact at most they are pissing their pants from laughter

Bobby WC