Thursday, June 29, 2017


The BV has previously documented back to 2003, one false claim by the city and airport that bonds were being sold for the runway expansion.  We were taken out of the running for Boeing because we could not deliver a runway.  All of the money spent on trying to develop a market with South American was lost because the city could not commit to a runway to allow for the size cargo planes used in transporting perishables from South America to the US.  Many South American countries continue to lodge complaints with the U.S. over the lack of sufficient ports of entry for perishables.

Discussion on the runway is literally dead.  Oh they will lie to you but can produce no evidence of progress.

The last press release on the airport indicated it would open in 2018.  There is no preparation in place which could easily take three months, and the city only has 18 months left to meet their deadline.

Space X is way behind scheduled.  They were given access to a closed NASA launch pad, which they have now refurbished and are launching the very commercial satellites they said they would launch from Boca Chica.  Brownsville cannot deliver the runway needed for their cargo.


Who on the city commission is going to call out the liars responsible for this mess - no one.  It's been 14 years since the city said the runway was ready to move forward and nothing.

Why I am now flying out of Harlingen and not Brownsville

At the time I bought my Christmas plane ticket for NY, Southwest was half the price of United.  The price of United is the highest it has been in my 13 years in Brownsville, with record lows for jet fuel. Why would I spend twice the price to fly out of Brownsville and into La Guardia, when I can fly out of Harlingen on Southwest, an airline I hate, and into Islip McArthur which in most cases is no more then 5-10 minutes to any number of family member's home?  When I fly into La Guardia I spend 2 hours by taxi and train to get to Eastern Long Island.  I can tell you since February the cost of United or American out of Brownsville to NY for Christmas is 100% more than last year.  This year I did not go to NY for my B-day because the price was 100% more than the previous years.  How is this possible with record lows for jet fuel? It is not.

I am convinced United and American are intentionally trying to shut down their Brownsville market and will move everything to Harlingen.

The blame is on our incompetent city commission and fools who comprise the airport board who are only happy when they are being lied to.

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