Sunday, June 25, 2017


The cooks from Cuidad Juarez in the dorms at UTEP use to serve this.  One day they let me in the kitchen to see how it was cooked.  I make a three dried pepper sauce.  I make a lot and then freeze 12oz in a freezer bag.

I brown both sides of the shoulder roast then add the 12oz of red pepper sauce.  I then add 8oz of tomato sauce.  I mix it in and let simmer for 5-6 hours.  This one was done in 5 hours.  I made rice on the side.  The sauce over the rise is amazing.  I warmed some tortillas, and put pieces of the meat in the tortilla.  It was a great meal, but now back to bed.  I am learning when I reach my limits.  I took a nap after the late morning, and then relaxed.  I finished the roast, made the rice and cleaned the kitchen.  It is now back to bed before I over do it.  I am finding balance.

Oh I ordered Snowcap dried leaves for neuropathy and headaches.  I will make it in a tea.  We shall see.

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