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The BV has previously documented back to 2003, one false claim by the city and airport that bonds were being sold for the runway expansion.  We were taken out of the running for Boeing because we could not deliver a runway.  All of the money spent on trying to develop a market with South American was lost because the city could not commit to a runway to allow for the size cargo planes used in transporting perishables from South America to the US.  Many South American countries continue to lodge complaints with the U.S. over the lack of sufficient ports of entry for perishables.

Discussion on the runway is literally dead.  Oh they will lie to you but can produce no evidence of progress.

The last press release on the airport indicated it would open in 2018.  There is no preparation in place which could easily take three months, and the city only has 18 months left to meet their deadline.

Space X is way behind scheduled.  They were given access to a closed NASA launch pad, which they have now refurbished and are launching the very commercial satellites they said they would launch from Boca Chica.  Brownsville cannot deliver the runway needed for their cargo.


Who on the city commission is going to call out the liars responsible for this mess - no one.  It's been 14 years since the city said the runway was ready to move forward and nothing.

Why I am now flying out of Harlingen and not Brownsville

At the time I bought my Christmas plane ticket for NY, Southwest was half the price of United.  The price of United is the highest it has been in my 13 years in Brownsville, with record lows for jet fuel. Why would I spend twice the price to fly out of Brownsville and into La Guardia, when I can fly out of Harlingen on Southwest, an airline I hate, and into Islip McArthur which in most cases is no more then 5-10 minutes to any number of family member's home?  When I fly into La Guardia I spend 2 hours by taxi and train to get to Eastern Long Island.  I can tell you since February the cost of United or American out of Brownsville to NY for Christmas is 100% more than last year.  This year I did not go to NY for my B-day because the price was 100% more than the previous years.  How is this possible with record lows for jet fuel? It is not.

I am convinced United and American are intentionally trying to shut down their Brownsville market and will move everything to Harlingen.

The blame is on our incompetent city commission and fools who comprise the airport board who are only happy when they are being lied to.



When you give, you give.  You do not give and then celebrate your act to promote yourself, because if you do, then you are promoting yourself and not the needs of the recipients of your donation.  Are you listening Mike Hernandez?

There are millions of good people in the U.S. when combined who give more than the people who may even give a million dollars, and never run to the press or internet to say "hey look at me, give me credit for what I have done."

These millions are the ones changing America for the better and not the millionaire who uses their charity to promote themselves.

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[Democrat in name only, Latino in name only]  Guys I need someone to put his head on Dino. email it to

Personally I am not happy with how early the campaigns are starting.  But in the case of taking down someone like Rene Oliviera his prospective opponents need to start now, and the blogs which are going to oppose Oliviera need to hit hard now all the way through election day in March.

There is no possibility I will vote for Rene Oliviera.  I get to vote in this one.  But it is possible his opponent ends up being a nightmare.  To make it to a runoff in the Primaries his opponent is going to need a strong political machine with lots of money, so I doubt they will be a complete nightmare.


We need to repeat this as often as possible so that word gets out and sticks with the voters.  When TSC and UT were negotiating the final divorce UT owed TSC $10.8 million in back rent because of Rene Oliviera.  He wrote the original legislation which allowed UT to not pay the rent unless it was budgeted by the legislature.  Well guess what it was nearly never budgeted.  You cannot say you support TSC, and ignore this hard core fact.  But money will quickly get the fake supporters of TSC to ignore what Rene did to TSC and its students.

I suspect we can count on three blogs to be consistently be anti-Rene Oliviera.  We must begin to drill in the message and facts now.  Even then I is still a long shot.

Oh, a funny.  Judge Rincones banned him from going near the Sanchez children for a period of time as a  - wait here it comes - as a paramour.  He didn't do anything wrong, she just banned both parents from bringing around their paramours, for a period of time.  So it's official he is a paramour of a married women. 


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To put this into perspective.  The case is on appeal.  The law requires the court to set the motion to dismiss within 60 days of filing same.  Now the law actually allows the court to make specific findings about its docket to allow for an extension of the 60 days.  But the court chose although warned twice through demands for a hearing to not set the matter for hearing, or to find its docket conditions required more than 60 days to set same for hearing.

The word must in the law leaves no discretion by the court.  Once the court lost authority to set the matter for hearing, it could not timely deny the motion as a matter of law since it could no longer set it for hearing.  The law says if the court fails to timely deny the motion the defendant can take an appeal.

The Texas Supreme Court has basically addressed this, but the court of appeals nonetheless requested a jurisdictional brief before they will proceed on the merits.  It is done.  If they find no jurisdiction then it will be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court which has repeatedly reversed the Fort Worth Court of Appeals in favor of the defendant.  In fact the legislature finding judicial activism reversed the Fort Worth Court of Appeals by what they found to be a needless clarification of the law so as to deny the Ftw Court of Appeal's opinion any value.

On the day my brief was due just before 5 his lawyers sent me a settlement document offering to drop the lawsuit if I agreed not to print truthful comments disparaging Mike.  They did not even include my offer to not sue Mike for his two defamation per se comments concerning me. I could have signed the agreement and then kept Mike bogged down in court trying to enforce it while proceeding against him on my claims.  But I do not take advantage of people's incompetence.

My brother is fully insured and I never asked Mike or suggested to Mike I needed money  for my brother who at the time was 78, for cancer treatment.  It never happened.  My brother has medicare and TRICARE the best insurance combo you can have in the US.  One big lie from Mike.  And my brother does not have cancer.

What Mike said on November 17, 2016 in an email to the typing monkey.

To Duardo Paz-Martinez Today at 10:43 AM
That is a complete falsehood. I spoke with him in the phone during the Port elections and all of a sudden he literally goes off crying about his dying veteran brother and how he could not afford his cancer treatments. After literally 10 minutes I simply asked him, “how much does he need to stay alive?” which I assumed was the reason for his conduct. Then he flips a switch the next day and posts that I was trying to pay him off to endorse a candidate, which never came out of my mouth. That’s when I texted him that I would not deal with him anymore and I haven’t. When he saw that I was talking to you, he then contacted (Jose Angel) Gutierrez in an attempt to get back in contact with me. That is not going to happen.
Thanks again.
The falsehood Mike references is my claim way back months earlier he offered me money to endorse his candidates for the port.  Why did he take so many months to deny it?
KEY - On November 17, 2016, Mike by his own words stated he told Jose Angel Gutierrez he would not have contact with me.  In fact I posted how he blocked my email which is why I went to Jose Angel.
In May 2017, under oath Mike Hernandez said the following:

In paragraph 8 he says, says he never received a communication from me in December 2016, prior to me posting the comments he finds offensive.  In paragraph 13 he says before posting the offending comments in December 2016, I made no attempt to contact him.

Here is the problem by his own admission on November 17, I tried to open the lines of communication and by Mike's own words he said that was not going to happen.  So if in November 2016, Mike is making clear he will not open the lines of communication even through third parties like Jose Angel Gutierrez, than how did I refuse to communicate with him in December?
He lied to the court under oath about what was happening.  It is clearly sanctionable.  It was clearly deceptive and misleading to the court.  Only the court can decide if it was perjury or felony perjury.  But it will be addressed.
I personally have no problems with Mike's attorneys.  As is all too often the case with attorneys the money is good so you just allow your client to hang themselves because you know they will never listen to your advice.
The soldiers in those coffins did not die defending Freedom of Speech so that a self serving spoiled millionaire can declare he can shut down truthful disparaging remarks about him by intimidating people with his money and frivolous lawsuits. Shame on you, you worthless immgrant Carlos Marin for supporting through your support of Mike Hernandez the shitting on the coffins of those who died keeping us free.  If there is a case for depotation Marin, it is you.  This country offered you opportunity and you shit on the coffins of those how gave you the freedom to seek that opportunity. 
I offered to walk away from suing him and Carlos Marin if we both simply agreed to nonsuit one another under no conditions.  Mike demanded I surrender my constitutionally guaranteed right to disparage him with truthful reports.  The men and women in those coffins did not die so Mike can shit on their sacrifice to this country.  McHale did not have the skill or resources to fight Mike, I do.
The second Carlos Marin has to hire an attorney to defend the defamation suit for which he is liable because Mike afforded him no protection as a primary in OP10.33, Carlos Marin will send Mike packing.
Let everyone know I tried to walk away and say truce.  Mike said sue Carlos Marin not his problem.  the same goes for the typing monkey.  Unfortunately for Mike he will never listen to his attorneys and he will continue to pursue malice through the posts of his paid mouth pieces.  So long as they are getting paid, they do not give a crap if Mike destroys himself.  Mike simply does not understand no one likes him, they only like his money.



So today the typing monkey attacked the bloggers and Herald for not discussing the Senate Bill to repeal Obamacare.  Mind you, beyond his attack he offers no explanation as to the Senate Bill to his handful of readers.

He will say it is okay for him with his superior intellect to attach the bloggers for not saying anything, but because he is special it is okay he says nothing.

My readers unlike his are not complete narrow minded bigots.  When a person gets on line there are endless links discussing the Senate Bill.  According to the typing monkey his readers are too stupid to click on one of those links and need to read the analysis on the local blogs.

There are three main issues.  Millions under the expanded medicaid program will lose coverage.  Not an issue in Texas since Governor Perry opted out of the expanded medicaid coverage.  It will gut Planned Parenthood.  Yes a problem since it is so much more than providing abortions.

Texas already defunded Planned Parenthood so not an issue.  From the Washington Post.

"Five years ago, we learned in Texas what can happen when efforts to defund Planned Parenthood are carried out: The network of health-care providers falls apart and women lose access to essential preventive services. Now Trump and his allies are poised to wreak the same havoc on the country that the 2011 Republican state legislature imposed on Texas."

Last the premiums will go up for older people.  Now this one will touch Texas.  But i will bet the farm AARP is sending out notices of this to all of their members, which begins at age 50.

No Maria, my readers are educated and know the story does not really touch Texas, and AARP is already sending notices to the older people who will have to pay more for premiums.  So my dear Maria since you did not say anything in your post, please tell us how this will impact the valley in a way AARP and endless national news links are not already informing people of same.

The purpose of a local blogger is to inform their readers on things which impact them which is not covered elsewhere.  There is no challenge in just doing a copy and paste from the NYT unless you are adding perspective not provided by the NYT.

Yes my dear readers so long as you keep on demanding a write up on the typing monkey's comic strip the BV will be there for you.


Only after verifying what I was hearing from numerous sources at TSC am I willing to do this story.  Tony feels left out of the TSC selection process of the new president.  Here are the facts Tony is not putting out there.  He along with the entire TSC Board voted to hire an independent search agency to find a new TSC president.

The agency. and not any Board Members informed the President of the Board that there were a lot of applicants and it would be helpful if the officers of the Board looked at all of the applicants and narrowed the pool down to 4.  That is what happened at the request of the agency Tony Zavaleta voted to hire.

Now, who is Tony to cry about being left out. He left everyone out when he hired his wife for a tenured position.  This was known to everyone, but Mike Hernandez's mouth pieces failed to tell him so it could be used against Tony in the election.  It was a difficult election.  A lot of people at TSC were on the fence until the last minute when they decided he was the least evil of all the bad candidates.

"His departure from the administration follows an ethics complaint alleging that he hired his wife, Gabriela Zavaleta — who had been a one-year renewable lecturer in the Department of Government — to be an assistant master technical instructor in the same department, on a tenure track with higher pay and benefits.
An anonymous caller to the “ethics line” of the Office of Compliance made the complaint on Oct. 18.
The call sparked an investigation by UTB-TSC officials, who on Nov. 9 concluded that Gabriela Zavaleta’s hiring had indeed violated university policy and revoked her promotion and pay raise.
“Caller indicated that the Government Department and the search committee verbally objected to the hiring but were ‘forced’ to sign off on the paperwork to hire Gabriela Zavaleta,” stated a summary of the ethics complaint in documents released last week to The Brownsville Herald by the university’s Office of Business Affairs."
Mike Hernandez's paid for voices never told him about this because they are in it for the horse feed he throws around and not to actually help him.  Mike simply refuses to believe being a millionaire entitles him to nothing.
I can tell you Zavaleta's departure from TSC would be welcomed by his fellow Board Members and TSC staff.  No matter what he says, he will be allowed to review the credentials of the 4 finalist and lodge any objections he may have.  He did not get to control the process he voted for, so he cries like a baby.  No one is buying your complaints Tony especially in light of the fiasco involving your wife.


I do have another short story on Tony Zavaleta and Mike Hernandez, but we shall see.  I drove maybe an 1/8 of a mile for coffee and my head is ready to explode.

While attacking the bloggers for copying his material as accurate real stories, something no one has ever done, he summarizes what is probably a bogus story from the Herald without lifting a finger to investigate the matter.  He is the one stealing from the bloggers all of the time and from the Herald while refusing to investigate anything to bolster his position.


At a time, my city commissioner had twice filed false bogus claims with the police I was stalking her and her family - never happened.  I have never been to her home, and was only at her business under invite before the falling out.

The City of Brownsville has a number you can call if you feel like a part of your street needs immediate attention.  The street in front of my driveway had collapsed under the weight of the garbage trucks.  It was like riding a roller coaster trying to pull into my driveway. I called the number provided by the city and reported my problem.  They sent a supervisor out to see if the problem merited immediate attention.  He decided it did, and just the street in front of my home was repaired. No other part of the street was collapsing.

A few weeks later it was actually worse because the soil was unstable.  Again they came out and replaced the street, but this time before replacing the soil they put a layer of cement to stabilize the soil.  It worked.

A neighbor asked why they only did my home and not the entrance to the street which was a mess, but in front of his home.  I gave him the number to call it in and he refused.  I finally got tired of his complaining and called it in.  The city sent a supervisor to check it out, and it was repaired.

Whether it is the typing monkey or the Herald neither had any interest in getting to the facts so as to educate the people.

No one did me any favors.  I just called the number.  Facts do not disappear simply because they do not fit your agenda.

Here is the deal.  Simply using a poorly investigated story in the Herald and summarizing it for your hand full of readers does nothing to help people understand the story.  A journalist can use the story only after they verify it themselves or learn the story is bogus.

Monday, June 26, 2017


His claim the LGBTQ does not speak up in the valley is just false.  First of all I want to make clear, even if the typing monkey could find bus fair to come to Brownsville and see the truth he would still lie.

His comic strip blog begins with some bizarre relationship between the case of a baker who was sued for refusing to make a cake for a gay couple and doom and gloom in Brownsville for the LGBTQ community.  He makes no mention of the fact on the same day the Supreme Court decided to hear the baker's case, by a 6/2 vote with Republicans Roberts and Kennedy joining the Democrats in finding an Arkansas law which discriminates based on sexual orientation unconstitutional.

Even the incompetent mainstream press concedes they have no idea who the four Justices are who agreed to hear the case, or maybe all 9.  It only takes 4.  If you actually have knowledge, something the typing monkey considers a homosexual communist conspiracy, you know it is not at all unusual for Justices to vote to hear a case where they believe the lower court got it right, so they can send a clear message as to the law.  For all anyone knows the four liberals voted to hear the case.  No one knows.  It could have been a split of 2 conservatives and 2 liberals.

But what we know for sure is Kennedy is not retiring and he has always ruled for the gay community so the 5 votes are in place to protect the gay community.  It is called knowledge.  Now the baker case is about commerce.  The Supreme Court has consistently ruled under the Commerce Clause the federal government can make laws banning discrimination in the public place such as hotels, and restaurants.  The question is, can the states do the same thing under their constitutions without abridging Freedom of Religion.  A valid question I do not fear.


"McALLEN — Pride in the Park: Love Without Borders shattered attendance records Saturday night when more than 3,000 people gathered to celebrate the ability to choose freely whom to love.'

Brownsville Herald:

According to the typing monkey 3,000 people turning out in McAllen to support LGBTQ rights is insignificant.  Only in his narrow minded bigotry and self insecurity. And for the record, somebody needs to teach the typing monkey English.  Queer as he used it is derogatory and evidence of his bigotry.  But then again he is Mike Hernandez's boy.  Queer is a specific group within the sexual spectrum which is not necessarily gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender.

In terms of Brownsville and the gay community, Brownsville is more embracing and accepting of the LGBTQ community than Dallas, although Dallas does have a lesbian sheriff for some 13 years.  When I arrived in Brownsville it was a breath of fresh air compared to Dallas where the police still waited out side the clubs to arrest you for nothing.  The homophobic rhetoric in Dallas was very open and validated by the courts, police and far too many politicians.

In Brownsville, LGBTQ people openly work as store managers of major national chains.  They openly work in management in all retail including the grocery stores.  I know of stores who have very open LGBTG employees and no one cares.  You see them as cashiers without so much as a double look by anyone.  You see them holding hands in the mall.

I saw Brokeback Mountain in Brownsville.  The theater was sold out and over easily 75% of the people were straight couples.

My roommate's daughter was dumbfounded when I tried to explore with her how the high school kids were dealing with this new world.  She finally said, "who cares? why would you think anyone cares?"


You see Mike Hernandez's boy, the typing monkey, has no need for google because he has no need for facts or truth.

According to the latest PEW poll "Two-thirds of Catholics now support same-sex marriage, as do a similar share of white mainline Protestants (68%)."  So the typing monkey's claim Catholics are going to make life difficult for the LGBTQ community ignores the facts.

Beyond the typing monkey I know of no one who is anti LGBTQ.  My Facebook family is amazing.  To a person even the Republicans support equality of the LGBTQ community.  If fact the above pic came from a Republican.

The issue of commerce is different.  Justice Kennedy will vote with the gay community such as he always has.  It would not surprise me if Justice Roberts again votes for the gay community, such as he did in the Arkansas case.  Nonetheless with Justice Kennedy we have 5 votes, which is why I am convinced even the Democrats voted to hear the baker case so they can make it national case law. 


In many decisions this term Chief Justice Roberts joined swing vote Justice Kennedy with the 4 democrats for 6/2 majority opinions.


In another 6/2 opinion Chief Justice Roberts along with Justice Kennedy joined the Democrats to find an Arkansas law which discriminates based on LGBTG status to be unconstitutional.  It related to parentage on birth certificates.  It is clear Chief Justice Roberts is now a swing vote leaning with the Democrats.

I give it two weeks before the mainstream press catches on to this story.


Today along the  Democrats Justices Kennedy and Roberts were part of the majorty upholding part of the Travel Ban Injuction.  The travel ban unjuction remains in place for anyone with family in the US, anyone who has been accepted to or is attending a U.S. school, or anyone who has accepted employment with or is actually working for a U.S. company.  The injuction was lifted as to individuals with no ties to the US.  Now there was political manuevering in that opinion because they completely stayed away from the question as to whether the ban was based on religious association.

This is significant because today they also issued an opinion stating state and federal funds can be used to build playgrounds at religious schools.  They cannot reconcile the two opinions so they just pretended the religious issue did not exist in the travel ban.  That was the compromise.  Most of the travel ban was kept in place to keep the Democrats from dissenting on the religious issue.


Today Justices Robert and Kennedy joined in an opinion remanding the border patrol officer case wherein he shot and killed a Mexican national near the river basin.  The opinion rejected the lower court finding of qualified immunity and ordered the lower courts to reexamine the opinions.  Again you have Roberts and Kennedy joining  the Democrats.  Now two Democrats signed a dissent but only to say the Supreme Court should have found no qualified immunity versus remanding the case to allow the lower courts to review their prior decisions.

Last week in an unusual case which goes to deportation Justices Roberts and Kennedy agreed with the  4 Democrats that if a lawyer mistakenly tells a criminal defendant that they cannot be deported if they plead guilty, the defendant is entitled to seek dismissal of his conviction based on the plea bargain upon learning the the lawyer's mistake.  It does not end there.  The court went on to say it does not matter the evidence is overwhelming the person is guilty, they are still entitled to dismissal of the conviction and entitled to a new trial.

I can go on and on with the endless 6/2 opinions wherein in Justices Kennedy and Roberts joined the Democrats.

So the question is, is Chief Justice Roberts the new swing vote?  The press is all lit up over the rumor Justice Kennedy will retire this term and there will be no swing vote.  The press which shocks no one with their incompetence makes no reference to Chief Justice Roberts new position as a swing vote.


Chief Justice Roberts is young and his children have entered the teenage years.  His children are living in a world the conservatives do not like.  Roberts is watching the social and economic change through his young children.  Chief Justice Roberts is evolving with his children into becoming a more equitable and just voice.


I have been fighting with my neurosurgeons office all morning.  The nurse and staff are all pathological liars.  For the original follow up appointment after all the test results came back TRIWEST had to intervene for me to get an appointment.  Two weeks after they received the authorization they denied having received same and passed me from one person to another with no results.  Last week the nurse look me in the eye and said she had spoken with TRIWEST and faxed over the request to the treatments.  TRIWEST and the VA say no such request was made.  I called his office and got passed around like a cheap whore, and nothing.  So now I wait on my VA doctor to authorize a new doctor.  TRIWEST says they will get me the appointment with the new neurosurgeon within the week.  I know of another vet using him and he says the staff is on top of everything and the surgeon is offering the surgery because the vet already failed at the injections and he sees no reason to try again.  I wanted three posts today, but I am ready to vomit, my head is killing me, and the hot flashes have me feel like I am in a furnace.  And yes my endocrinologist cannot see me for two months.


From a CBS summary of a new PEW poll.

"The poll, which comes two years after the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, found that 62 percent support it now and 32 percent oppose it.
Views on the issue have significantly changed over the last decade. In 2007, 54 percent of the public opposed it and 37 percent supported it, Pew said. Even last March, 55 percent said they support it while 37 percent opposed it.
Majorities of both Baby Boomers and black people now support same-sex marriage, the poll found. The level of support among both demographics has risen by at least 10 percentage points over the last year.
Meanwhile, Republicans remain divided with 48 percent of them and those who lean that way opposing same-sex marriage and 47 percent supporting it. Sixty-three percent of moderate and liberal Republicans said they favor it while 39 percent of conservative Republicans said they are against it. In 2013, 61 percent of Republicans opposed it compared to a third who backed it."
The dialectical process is key to effective critical thinking in social change and economic change.  It can be an indicator as to where a stock is going.  It is a tool our schools for not teach because of its implications to Marxism.  So sad.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


The cooks from Cuidad Juarez in the dorms at UTEP use to serve this.  One day they let me in the kitchen to see how it was cooked.  I make a three dried pepper sauce.  I make a lot and then freeze 12oz in a freezer bag.

I brown both sides of the shoulder roast then add the 12oz of red pepper sauce.  I then add 8oz of tomato sauce.  I mix it in and let simmer for 5-6 hours.  This one was done in 5 hours.  I made rice on the side.  The sauce over the rise is amazing.  I warmed some tortillas, and put pieces of the meat in the tortilla.  It was a great meal, but now back to bed.  I am learning when I reach my limits.  I took a nap after the late morning, and then relaxed.  I finished the roast, made the rice and cleaned the kitchen.  It is now back to bed before I over do it.  I am finding balance.

Oh I ordered Snowcap dried leaves for neuropathy and headaches.  I will make it in a tea.  We shall see.


Because the neurologist and neurosurgeon both told me the Androgel could be the source of the multiple mini strokes hence the scar tissue on the brain, I have gone off the testosterone replacement under their recommendation.  I need to try and get a follow-up with the endocrinologist to see if there is a safe replacement.  If not, I will have to live with LT.  My major complaint, even though my temp is 96.8, I feel like it is 102.  The hot flashes are real and intense.

I have been looking for herbs and other choices to replace various medications.  I have my BP under control with herbs.  It is not unusual without the medication to have a BP of 96/52.  My cholesterol without the medication is under control.  I am using fish oil for the triglycerides.

I emailed a cousin in Nicaragua for herbal remedies our grandmother taught her.  She is an actual pharmacist, but still uses the treatments our grandmother's grandfather on her mothers side taught her.  He was 100% indigenous and a Nicaro healer.

I just need to find herbs for neuropathy and sleep.  I do drink manzanilla tea before bed time every night.

I am taking albahaca to help with the breathing.  It seems to help.  We have a pretty big plant.  I may try and start making tea with it instead of eating the leaves.


I love working with my hands also.  What you see is one of two drainage systems in my backyard.  The previous owners swore the backyard never floods.  Well I moved in 6 years ago while a tropical depression hung over Brownsville.  It was a nightmare moving from the rental house to this house in the rain.  Well the last trip was to get Buster and Keaton before sending in the cleaners.  I let them out back and I see the entire backyard under 4-6 inches of rain.

What you see is a large flower pot with a shower drain at the bottom.  This allowed me to connect two inch PVC to the bottom and on both sides of the house run the pipes to the curb,  This has significantly reduced the flooding around the house and pool.  As is always the case, when we get a heavy rain I have to clear the garbage from the bottom so the water can flow.  What you see is the water going down after I cleaned the bottom.

I love using my hands and doing projects.


I am looking for any natural remedies for nerve pain and to aid in sleep.  I want a root or a plant - no pills.  It is time I cleanse my body of all these toxins and go natural.  I am down to medications for the nerve pain and to help me sleep.  I'm going all natural.

If I go all natural for my health needs, doesn't that entitled me to walk around naked where ever I want to.


My Masters Thesis was entitled "The Juridical Methodology of the Supreme Court."  After spending a year reading nearly every Supreme Court decision, the Constitutional Minutes, Blackstone, and a lot of Kings Bench decisions referenced by Blacktone [always go back to the primary source when it really matters] I saw a pattern in how the Court moved on social issues and even issues of commerce based on the changes in society.  I created a working analytical model and then plugged in the evidence to support my thesis.  As you can tell this is where I am in my element.  My brain runs a million miles an hour, so as someone mentioned to me the other day, it must be hard on me to not be endlessly active.  It is.

"California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people."

Source: CNN

A lot of this is easy for me because I have extensively studied Marx's understanding of the dialectic and how it brings about Revolutionary change.  Marx had a theory through the natural process of the dialectic process and based on his understanding of society and change, capitalism would eventually morph into socialism and then socialism into communism.  The key to Marx is the dialectic.  It is also important to understand Marx knew you could not force the change.  The change had to come through change by the people in how they feel about capitalism and its social injustice.  Key here is support by the people.  I have no idea if our society will move towards his, not the fake western liberalism, model of socialism, but how change comes about and the role of the people has been proven correct every time their is a shift by the people in terms of social or economic change.

This is why I belong in the classroom.  I am loving typing this post.


""For dialectical philosophy nothing is final, absolute, sacred. It reveals the transitory character of everything and in everything; nothing can endure before it except the uninterrupted process of becoming and of passing away, of endless ascendancy from the lower to the higher."


I love this source because it allows you to click on the primary source to see what Engels said in total.


Teaching itself is a dialectic process.  If you look at the above quote it supports evolution.  In teaching if I were to teach the above quote to first year college students I would lose them.  What I do is teach.

You begin with a thesis, the way things are right now.  Then you have a challenge to the status quo, known as the anti-thesis.  In time the anti-thesis morphs into the the thesis for a new status quo thesis.  Then the cycle begins again.  You cannot end there, which is what an incompetent instructor does.  You must related it to the times.  Now in an advance course I would begin with the above quote and ask the students to write one or two pages explaining the quote.  No grade, just an exercise in thinking and informing me of their ability to understand the material.


Until Reagan brought the Religious Right into the Republican Party none of this was a major issue. The battle for equality had begun.  And I mean street battles. Reagan needed to beat Jimmy Carter and he could only do that by giving the Religious right a voice within the Republican party.  Until then for the most part while there were many discriminatory laws already on the books, the movement was basically ignored.

From the 20's until the emerging of the Religious Right within the Republican Party, being openly gay among your fellow actors was the norm. The press considered it a private issue and stayed out of it.  Raymond Burr [Perry Mason]  was with the same man for 33 years, before his death.  

HIV brought Hollywood out of the closet.  The press openly discussed the great Hollywood macho actors who were in fact gay.  This empowered closeted gays and caused the people to rethink their position.  Did they all of a sudden hate a beloved actor or family member upon learning they were gay? Nope, with some exceptions


I can write an entire book on the endless elements in the anti-these which brought about the change we see today, even within the gay community.  When I started to be part of the movement in about 84' or 85'.  I along with others were blasted by the Dallas Gay Alliance for wanting to change the name to the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.  In time the bigotted all Anglo male organization changed because they had to.  

We were lambasted by the DGA for boycotting the clubs which funded them, over the policy of not allowing blacks or browns as bartenders.  Yes the DGA did not like me and so many others because we stood for equality for all, and not just some.  Yes the DGA hated us trouble makers for boycotting the clubs which looked for excuses to keep women out.  At the time exclusively lesbian bars did not exist.

Yes were were condemned by the DGA for creating the Dallas Chapter of  Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  They said Dallas would accuse us of recruiting children.  It was a support and educational group for Parents and Friends, not gays and lesbians.  Well we were received by the press with flying colors, and the DGA came begging for inclusion.

I can go on and on, but my point is change not only came from the society at large, but also from within the narrow minded Anglo Gay's who claimed to be the only and rightful leaders, which is why during a gay parade in Dallas to accommodate the Religious Right they banned drag queens, and men in leather clothing.  The fact these were the people in the streets fighting for equality during Stonewall, meant nothing to these bigots.  And yes, I and a lot more people boycotted the parade that year and finally ended all association with the then DGLA.  


Can you tell I love teaching this stuff.  My head is killing me and I do not care.  I am having so much fun.

But what I just did was put Marx's concept of the dialectic into perspective in terms of what is happening right now and is very germane among our youth.  This is how a real teacher teaches.

Nothing happening in terms of power and change is new.  We are just seeing it applied to gender and sexual identify.  Look to North Carolina.  When they passed their discriminatory bathroom law, boycotts and loss of revenue forced then to change course.

California is a big state.  Their boycott of Texas shows the power of the left in Texas extends beyond our borders.  Californian and other like minded states will force change in Texas.

Texas cannot use federal law to stop California in the passage of its laws or boycotting states which do not comply with their laws concerning discrimination.  Texas cannot stop corporations from not relocating to Texas because of its discriminatory stance on so many issues.

The biggest impact the California boycott will have on Texas is in sports.  Texans love sports.  When the first major national sporting event is cancelled in Texas, Texans will react.  Texas is not anti gender and sexual equality.  The polls are meaningless.  People fear if they say they support equality the person asking them the question will assume they are gay or something.

The right of California as a state to pass anti-discriminatory laws and boycott doing business with states which support discrimination is a States' Right [meaning the people, because the right belongs to the people and not the political entity] and there is nothing the Religious Right or the Republicans can do to stop California.

Oh, before I hear it, I am old guard.  In the beginning gay meant everyone who was not straight [whatever that means.  Fact - if every man could perform fellatio on themselves they would - straight men especially included.]

Look the spectrum of  human and gender identity is so large no acronym will ever include everyone. LGBTQ leaves out so many groups.  So by saying gay I mean everyone.  I understand the need of each group having their own identify in order to get recognized and effectuate change.  But the acronym would then become a million letters and numbers long.  There is now a newer acronym which is a lot longer.  It is time we stop defining ourselves by an acronym and move on to embracing ourselves as humans who simply love one another in different ways.  It is my contention the labels we assign to ourselves are used as a weapon against us.

Why is it if your family lived in Texas while it was still part of Mexico you have to live by the term Mexican American.  In New York people do not say they are Irish or Italian American.  They know their heritage, but are not labeled by it.  People keep the term Mexican American alive to diminish their ties as US born citizens.  Labels are bad.

Saturday, June 24, 2017



I learned yesterday after three days in bed, that if I do not push it and get back in bed by 1 or 2, I can control some of the spinal related pain and headache.  The headache and pain is still there, but it is not disabling.  I was able to get up from a nap around 5 and eat the dinner my roommate bought for us.  I was back in bed until 10 p.m., finally took a shower and then fell asleep around 12:30 a.m.  The headache was just too intense to sleep so I had to wait until the three medications I am now taking to help me sleep a mere 6 hours kicked in.  But at least I have found a way to try and get somethings done around the house and yard.  They take priority over everything.


The symbolism of typing monkey is not that the person is an ape, but what they do can be done by a typing ape.  Merely taking a national story and retelling it may qualify as blogging, but it does nothing for the local readership in the context of how the national story relates to them.

I will try and post a second story after  this.  The headache is growing pretty fast so we shall see.


The picture I chose is intentional because it is key to the story.  The Republicans rightly or wrongly have made Nancy Pelosi the picture of the Democratic Party, and it is not a good picture.

I am a classically trained socialist.  I am part of the true left, and not this phony baloney American left which stands for really nothing when we reach the end of the day.  I do not even try and explain what it means to be a classically trained socialist because our community colleges and universities have reached the point they only teach what they were taught instead of reading the primary sources to learn the truth.  Long before my graduate course on communist studies I had already amassed a complete library of letters and writings by Karl Marx.  By my senior year as an undergraduate I had already read Das Kapital in German.  Secondary sources are the same as no source at all.  My mentor drilled into me to never use secondary sources.  No matter how long it took we had to find a copy of the primary source and only use that in our research.

I was taking a graduate course in Communist theory.  On day one my instructor repeated the same dump ass comment so many other instructors repeat without any foundational basis.  "The last place Marx expected the revolution to begin was in Russia."  I interrupted my instructed and said that was not true.  That in fact Marx while in Russia wrote Engels and told him it would not surprise him if the revolution started in Russia because of the communal nature of the Russian farm. Obshchina.  This is important because Marx wrote extensively the key to a successful revolution is the social acceptance by the people of the communal state.  This is where the revolution begins, not in arms and the taking of private party.  It is also key to understand because Stalin destroyed the foundation of the Socialist State when he destroyed the Obshchinas.  Lenin and Stalin were not Marxist.  They used the underlying principals of equity to get the people to back them and then abused the power for their own ends.

Even now as I try and find the quote without having to dig through my huge library - it must be reorganized - all I can find is discussion on the comment, which is unsupported, and not the actual quote.  Secondary sources have no place research.

Can you tell I am enjoying writing this.  My head is killing me.  God I miss reading everyday.  Right now I am working on a constitutional challenge to the Hague Convention on the abduction of children from one country to another.  Did you know if a parent returns to the US with their American born children from Mexico, without the other parent, the parent remaining in Mexico can file a complaint with the Mexican government under the Hague Convention and get our State Department to hire an attorney to sue the parent in the U.S. to return the children to Mexico?

Now if the children were Mexican nationals, the question would be easy.  In most cases the court should send the children back to Mexico to have a Mexican court decide custody.  But a child who is an American Citizen and without dual citizenship in Mexico has no right to not effectively be deported to Mexico, a country where he has no rights as an American citizen.

This is what I am working on in 15 minute intervals.  There is a new U.S. Supreme Court decision which details the right of being a citizen and it is strong opinion.  My headaches makes it hard to read.  The client's best defense to avoid being forced back to Mexico with the children is right now there are 300,000 American citizen children in Mexico who cannot register for school or health care. The children lose these U.S. constitutionally or statutorily  guaranteed rights if they are effectively deported to Mexico to have the custody issue decided.


I got off on the Marx issue because I favor the true left.  But I am not willing to cut off my nose to spite my face to insure the left controls the Democratic Party.  Whether it is at the national level or Texas level the left within the Democratic Party is giving the Republicans one victory after another.

In the last gubernatorial election the extreme abortionist Wendy Davis raised a lot more money than her predecessor for the position, Bill White, but the election returns show with significantly less money Bill White, a centrist, did a lot better than Wendy Davis an extreme abortionist.  Abbott/Davis according to the SOS had the following returns with Abbott prevailing.  59.27/38.90.  Perry/White returns were 54.97/42.30.

Whether it is Texas or the US the voters are looking for moderate centrists.  I prefer a moderate centrist running the federal and state government than a  Republican.  So I have to put aside my primary political views to accomplish this.

Nancy Pelosi is hurting the Democrats because she is the face of the false left, instead of moderate/centrist Democrats.  It is that simple.

The numbers here in Texas, making the story germane to local politics, that a Democrat who is a centrist/moderate will do better in a statewide race than a fake leftist extreme abortionist.


Look at the election of Gilberto Hinojosa as the statewide chair of the Democratic Party.  In two election cycles he has done nothing to motivate the Hispanic community to vote.  There is a reason, we do not matter.  We in Cameron county sent a clear message about how we feel about Gilbert Hinojosa and the fake racist left in Austin decided we the people who suffered under Gilbert Hinojoa did not know what we were doing.  Again, making the Nancy Pelosi story germane to local politics. She is hurting Democrats in the same way as Gilbert Hinojosa is hurting Democrats.

This story is important to us because if Nancy Pelosi is forced to step down as the Minority Speaker, then it may create the movement we need to force Gilberto Hinojosa out.


This story is not new.  Since the rise in the Hispanic population in Dallas the black leadership has been yelling bloody murder and the Anglo Democratic leadership is backing the blacks instead of staying neutral.  The black Democratic DA lost his reelection because the Latinos got tired of being the victims of his injustices while blacks were given better favor.  In a Democratic county he was beat by an Anglo female Republican.  Now she just resigned to deal with mental health issues, and Governor Abbott appointed a black female Republican to replace her.  if you know the black community in Dallas, you know they will vote for a black Republican over any Democrat.  There is no loyalty.


With their help the black Democrat as DA lost.  This war is anything but new and is well documented in Dallas.  A few weeks ago a new Latino group of Democratic lawyers formed to choose judicial candidates to run against a particular black judge who has shown extreme bias against Latinos, and a candidate to fill an empty seat.  I ran to my sources who are big money donors in Dallas and they all lied to me and said they did not know if the money in the Democratic Party will get behind a black or Latino candidate.  Well shortly after the money announced they would be backing a black female in the open race over the Latino, and a black lawyer against the black judge who has shown extreme bias to Latino parties.

The blacks will vote for the Republican black female DA, with the Latinos staying home and voting for no one.  This insures the Republicans continue to control the position of DA.  If the Republicans are smart enough to run Latino lawyers against the troubling black female judges, Dallas county could swing Republican again.

I can tell the Anglo Democrats and Gilberto Hinojosa do not care.

I  can tell you this group of Latino lawyers are looking for financial backing within the Republican Party.  They know for county wide office with rare exception before the war reached this level, Latinos were not welcome in Dallas Democratic Party elections.  The Latino path to victory is if the Republicans run a strong female Anglo against black Republican DA Faith Johnson.  The blacks will turn out in the Republican primary to protect Faith Johnson thereby decreasing the number of blacks voting in the Democratic Primary which will help the Latino candidates.  Time to get back in the mix Jose Angel.


"Some Democrats want to replace     Pelosi atop their caucus, as they have since last November’s poor showing at the polls; they say there is no way to get back in the majority with her as their leader. And others who backed her in last year’s leadership challenge have now flipped their stance.
... .
Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), who backed a challenge to Pelosi last year, said the results of the Ossoff race further underscore that Pelosi should let someone else take the reins.
“There comes a time when every leader has to say, ‘For the good of the order and for the betterment of the party, it’s time for me to step aside.’ And I wish that that would happen right now,” Rice said in an interview. “This is not a personal thing. I want to get back in the majority.”

Source CNN:

Democrats are losing national races for the same reason they cannot win state wide in Texas.  The wrong faces of the respective parties is sending the moderate/centrists to the table of the Republicans.