Thursday, May 18, 2017


Yesterday Bela and her brothers came over to use the pool.  The oldest boy, only 3, loves to jump in, but he must have his vest on and I must be there.  I told them to wait near the stairs and I would put each of them in the pool after I dove in at the 8' end and swam under water to the stairs.  As I go under I sense another splash.  I surface thinking one of the boys jumped in after me.  Nope it was Buster who runs from the pool.  She is getting old and I guess she wanted to see what it was all about.  I saw her head was under water while she was trying to swim to the edge.  I lifter her head and tried to move her to the edge faster, but it took Bela's mother  to pull her out.  In 8' of water you cannot just lift a 55 lb dog.


Because of my hypothalamic dysfunction I use the sun for vitamin D.  My doctor noticed a dark spot on the top of my ear during a routine 6 month follow-up.  So today he sent me to the telephoto nurse to take several pictures which will be sent to the dermatologist to determine whether I need to see her.

As it turns out there were two concerns on the top of my ear, the dark spot which is level with the skin, a good sign, and an elevated spot but skin color.  The nurse said he had seen it before and it is probably keratosis from my vitamin D deficiency.  If it is it will stay.  It is no big deal.  I've had to treat keratosis in another spot once which was causing a lot of bleeding, but the treatment worked and the problem went away.


I have both the general 10 year warranty and extended coverage for things not covered by the general warranty.  Well, part of the plastic on the seat frame broke and a door handle pulled out of the door.  The cost of repair of both items, $0.00.  It turns out there was a recall also on some sensor on the rear wheels.  All is taken care of.  Because I had to run to the VA first, I was an hour and half late for my appointment.  I did call to tell them I would be running late.  I was out of there in under two hours.  Life is good.

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