Sunday, May 7, 2017


Every post proves he is nothing more than a typing monkey.  The only great secret which remains about this monkey is what did Munguia do to his benefactor to get the typing monkey to endorse William Garza?  No one with feet on the ground in Brownsville expected Castro or Garza to win.  A prediction that Gowen and Munguia would win was as obvious as the nose on our faces. 

Now for anyone with feet on the ground knew the Neece/Villarreal race was going to be who gets out their voters type race, which it was.  But when an incumbent loses, a message is sent.

The typing monkey which is his wont, cannot help but make his writing comical.  While living in the McAllen/Pharr area, which means he could not vote for anyone he endorsed [namely Gowen, Garza, and Villarreal], he trashed Mchale, Barton, and Montoya for endorsing Neece when they do not even live in the district.  It's beyond laughable - but good Sunday comics.  As bloggers we mainly write for Brownsville and Cameron County.  Our readership is Brownsville Cameron county.  We actually live here.


Before reading the following from the typing monkey remember part of Ben Neece's job was to set bail for anyone from an accused murderer, to a night walker.  Meaning on a daily basis he saw the faces, charges and stories of those accused of crime in Brownsville.

"Can Neece, largely a sheltered man as a Municipal Court judge here for 30-some years, even understand the concept and reasons of midnight crime. Villarreal may not have been the needed Batman either, but he was aware of all of its recent history. Neece, shown in photo at left with Blogger Jerry McHale, has merely heard about it and likely has formed his imagery from television and newspaper reports to do with mugging, loitering, vandalism and prostitution – all a part of the current police department battles in the district when the sun goes down and the cockroaches step out."

No Maria, Ben has not merely heard about the crime - he saw the faces of the accused every day.  He was not sitting making tortillas while accused criminals were getting their bail set, he was setting their bail, while learning how a society makes criminals out of seemingly innocent kids.  He was not flipping tortillas.  Ben for 30 years has been on the front line of crime in Brownsville and can hopefully bring his 30 years of real life experience to the city commission to help create programs to deal with those who face criminal charges for stealing pampers for their babies.  Some crimes are out of desperation - like when a father steals food to feed his children.  No Maria, we no longer have a tortilla flipper dealing with these complex issues involving crime and our citizenry, we have a man with 30 years experience on the front lines of the war on crime.


These moments come from being a failed journalist, to being forced to write self published smut novellas and being a paid hack.

Bela even in first grade knows how to spell well enough and use google to look up the duties of the Chief Municipal Judge in Texas.  But not the typing monkey.  His entire post Neece lied about his supervisory duties really took the comic edge of his bought and paid for reporting to the edge of surreal.

YOU DO NOT survive 30 years as the chief municipal judge unless you have learned the art of politics.  It is job which can disappear in a second unless you to learn to finesse your way through the minefield of municipal politics.


It is about politics.  The good news is Galonsky and Hernandez have created a schism in the political machines.  The Munguia riddle will be solved soon enough.  But with two bought bloggers and one silenced, solving the riddle will be harder than it should be.  But there is a schism which has been created which will work against Martinez and Marin, unless they toss off the excess baggage from the plane.  Politics is not for the light hearted which is why the light hearted sue to silence voices.

I do not expect Ben to keep all of his promises, and to fight Tony Martinez on every issue.  Remember Ben is aligned with Galonsky.  Ben is a consensus builder, so like any consensus builder he will have to vote in ways which people will not like to muster the votes for things which really matter to Ben.

In the early stages of Tetreau's term she went to Martinez to end the city's contract with the Escobedo brothers because she needed to settle the score over the alleged surveillance cameras.  She owed him a few votes.  But then when she refused to play along on every vote according to Tetreau Martinez would call he a dumb bitch in executive session and at least once threatened to have her arrested if she ever repeated anything said in executive session.  

The good news is Martinez will never treat Neece as he has treated Tetreau.

Ben will have to convince Tetreau, Longoria and De Leon to move to his side on key votes if he is to have any success.  All three are up for reelection in two years, along with Tony.  It is too early to know what Munguia will do.  The message out there is he may be more of a swing vote than Tony will like.  But until we start to see votes, we will not know.

De Leon is for sure a swing vote who has been looking for alternative leadership from someone else other than Martinez.  But Ben will still have to make his case.  I suspect executive session is going to be interesting on many of these votes.  Remember the law allows Ben to generally repeat what is said in executive session.

It is not clear to anyone if Tetreau and Longoria are smart enough to understand if meeting after meeting they are protecting Martinez while Ben is calling for action, they will do damage to their political futures..  The Tenaska debacle is Bens biggest weapon.  It is bread and butter - the issues people care most about.  

The concept behind Tenaska was not flawed.  What was flawed was a one sided contract which forced the BPUB to raise rates to pay for the plant with no guarantee it would ever be built, or any mechanism for refunding the money to the ratepayers after the deal fell apart. 

If Tetreau, Longoria and De Leon fail to get behind reducing our BPUB rates to pre-Tenaska they will be sent packing in two years.  They also needed to end the fuel surcharge.

I do not believe the people really understand the issue of keeping the camera on while the public is speaking, but it is an issue if Ben puts it on the agenda and Tetreau, Longoria, and De Leon vote against turning the camera back on,  They will now be officially on record of trying to silence the public.

I defy Sossi to produce one case wherein a city was held liable solely for the comment of a citizen during public comment.  He cannot.  The entire argument is bogus.

But alas the typing monkey is promising to ride off into the sunset to New Mexico.  How many times have we heard that?  I thought his benefactor was going to pay the rent for Casa Del Nylon so he could better publish his unread comic strip? 


Anonymous said...

The boy's Santa Fe "trip" will be fabricated from a collection of online restaurant reviews. He will pretend to dine at those locations in a feeble attempt to document his travels. No picture in front of a Santa Fe bank showing time and date.

Last year he "traveled" from the McAllen area to Denver's environs at a time when the roads were impassable from snowfall, was back in South Texas, writing 2 or 3 days later. The guy is a total fake.

BobbyWC said...

When he was called out on the colorado story he promised to post real pictures after he processed them. It never happened - nothing was ever posted.

It is like when he said his previous blog was now an LLC, it never happened. Just a pathetic attempt to prove it was something more than we all knew it to be.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Nobody even reads his garbage. But the more you mention his blog, the more publicity you give him. Just ignore the guy and he will go away. He thrives on you and Barton mentioning him. Nobody else cares.

BobbyWC said...

I agree with you in substance. But i never mention his name of blog. Most people who read the Bv have no idea who he is.

I have my reasons for targeted posts. In time he will understand and realize just how revealing he really is and how much it is going to cost his benefactor.

bobby WC