Wednesday, May 10, 2017


First let me say all of these stupid opeds by the NYT's and others over the firing of FBI Director Comey are going nowhere with the electorate.  I am bothered when Comey messed up on the Clinton emails in a way which favored Trump, Trump was okay, but now with the FBI Russian investigation the firing makes it appear their is a Trump conspiracy to cover up something.

First, it's Trump.  The nuances of competence in choosing a competent cabinet was not there.  He had no rational informed intelligent person to guide him in the process.  There is a difference between mistakes and Trump some how being in bed with the Russians.

In my opinion what is happening is, a deliberate conspiracy to cover up a non existent conspiracy. Trump has no idea what they will learn and his advisers are the ones who got him into this mess.  

His advisers and Trump being Trump will keep the conspiracy theorists going, not because Trump ever tried to conspire with the Russians against the U.S., but because they are afraid something which does not exist may be found.  Every major international business meets with Russsian officials every day.  But Trump seems to want to keep this obvious well known fact covered up.  Trumps actions will keep the conspiracy theorists going - to no avail.

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