Sunday, May 21, 2017


 At no level am I a supporter of Senator Rubio or President Trump. In fact the trying of this Trump/Russian matter in the press based on third party's interpreting what a possible memo means as related to them by a second party, without any quote marks to show the exact statement bothers me a great deal. CNN has become the biggest joke. Today they seem to think President Trump commenting on the shoes of the president of Egypt is newsworthy. The NYT using a third party interpretation of a possible memo written by former FBI Director Comey is reckless journalism at its worse. There are two variables here the NYT seems to think unimportant. The Russians are winnings as our government is disrupted. A disrupted US government considered untrustworthy by the world weakens the US and empowers the Russians. Putin is laughing his ass off.

 Second, is the presidency. It may turn out the Trump campaign team and administration have been incredibly incompetent.  Nothing would make me happier than Trump resigning.  But at what cost?  The presidency and our national security?  Do third party sources, versus primary sources, form a basis to destroy the credibility of the presidency and thereby the strength of this country in world affairs.

Trump and his team may be as guilty as sin, but I will wait for the review of the evidence versus, NTY reports of what someone told someone and then that someone told the NYT's.  We all know the old game of phone call,  You whisper into some one's ear something and then they say it to the next person and it goes around the room.  At the end we learn how the original statement was interpreted and changed along the way.


We have lost a credible and reliable press because of their own conduct and the act of the Russian's setting the soap opera on this path.  We have lost a credible presidency which is essential to our national security because of this Russian set up.  Yes, Trump and his team have made the loss easier.

The Russians are the big winners at this point, and we the American people are the losers.

I trust in the final report if the Republicans try and cover up essential evidence, the Democrats will release their own report.


Every international corporation with business in Russia meets with Russian officials every day. Trump's people did not know how to manage this reality, and have allowed it to balloon out of control, which then made his diplomatic actions look suspect.

I do not trust Putin.  He has played the White House, the press and the American people.  It is time we focus on the enemy, Russia.  But politics is what it is, so Russia will continue to win this mess as the press continues to release third hand information.  How very sad.


I am not saying Trump is innocent.  I am saying allow the Special Counsel and the Congress to do their job based on a review of the actual documents, and not some third hand interpretation of a document the NYT and others cannot even quote from.

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