Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The VA has no idea what is causing these headaches.  I've had to demand with the help of my doctor that the last brain MRI be read by a different radiologist.  According to this new radiologist aging problems with the brain and the empty sella have disappeared.  This is not possible.  One specialist has already seen the latest MRI and is dumbfounded how such obvious things were missed.  People you cannot trust radiologists.

The best specialists do their own read because they know radiologist are not trustworthy to get it right. How does a man with a normal brain MRI die less than 24 hours later from terminal brain cancer?  Yes it happened.  How does a Pet Scan show the lung cancer is gone, until the surgeon gets in and realizes that patient all along had stage 4 lung cancer and not stage one?  This technology can confirm things, but cannot rule out anything.

My headaches are blinding.  I continue to lose my vision in my left eye.  With a massive headache I am off to see one of my specialists, and then back to bed when I get home.


In learning of the bombing in the UK, I again listened to RFK's words.  Yea we do not get it.  On social media I followed the anger of a Brit who now lives in the US.  I was happy she distinguished the bomber from the Muslim faith.  But people for money, just look at Trump in Saudi Arabia a country with extreme oppression and human rights abuses which gave birth to most of the 9/11 attackers, we turn a blind eye to the torture and murder of innocent people in Muslim countries and then ask why they are mad at us.

We have turned a blind eye on Nicaragua and now have our intelligence services raising red flags over the Russians building a spying facility against the US in Nicaragua.

Yes I know the cause of violence.   We ignore the cries for help unless we can make money on the cries.  With Central Americans no longer able to sneak into the US these countries are going to have to turn to oppression again to control the anger and poverty, while turning to the Russians and Chinese as we turn our backs.  We choose to close our eyes to humanity and then demand to know why humanity is angry with us.  We are the enemy within bringing about this violence.  We are the violent ones, not them.

Compassion is not a convenience when it serves your needs. It is the human compass which should guide your every word. 


Unknown said...

Yes, we have used these countries for their oil and made the oppressing class filthy rich, but let's not forget that ISIS massacre civilians of all ages ON PURPOSE. That has no justification obviously, even though our bombs have also caused civilian losses, mainly because they hide among their own fellow Muslims.
We have blood on our hands, yes, but if we abandon these countries the results will be more 9/11. Kissinger spoke of Real Politik and he was right. Sometimes you have to get into bed with murderers and tyrants for the greater good.
There is no easy solution of course but we must try by all means possible to reach peace in the Middle East.

BobbyWC said...

Great post. This was Carter's big mistake with allowing unknown revolutionary voices taking control of Iran and Central America. But we must work towards a balance. But great post. Thanks for making BV better.