Tuesday, May 9, 2017


While McAllen had a store closed, here in Brownsville the JCP store as a lot of ongoing construction as they expand services.  Tomorrow the first truck load of appliance will arrive.  The area for the display has been made ready.

Guys, give it a day and go check out the appliances and prices.  Brownsville is lucky that JCP not only stayed open, but that corporate has decided to invest in JCP in Brownsville.

The other day I bought, using on line coupons, 4 100% cotton polo shirts and 4 100% cotton shorts for a grand total of $48.00.  No one is going to beat their prices.  It is again becoming increasing difficult to find 100% cotton clothes.  JCP has them on line if you cannot find them in the store.

While I think this is important there are other stories, but my morning has been very busy.  Soon enough I will disclose what I have been working on.

For now I have a lot to get done.  My testosterone on a double dosage of Androgel has dropped to 178.  VA standards are udner 200 requires treatment.  Other sources say under 300.  I am tired and I knew something was wrong.  The VA is getting me back to the specialist ASAP to detemine the source of the problem.  I am working on stories, but between the increased fatigue, and the work, it is hard.

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