Saturday, May 27, 2017

It sucks being laid up. But I am grateful for Dr. Hussain and my advocate Dr. Alam

I am doing this on my phone. I suspect at least two more days here unless the spinal tap reveals something. Again I am learning not all doctors are the same. Dr. Hussain was all business but he made me laugh before he started the spinal tap. Although the procedure was painful and I was crying I never let on. I needed him focused. He knew and kept on injecting more pain killer. Other than slight discomfort after the procedure I'm fine. Two other doctors said it could not be done because of bone but he did it with me sitting up in my bed without the benefit of a live xray. He was gentle. He understood my gratitude. Not all doctors are the same. Dr. Alam my attending truly cares. Dr Hussain the neurologist is a pro and very focused.

McAllen medical center is awesome. I will never return to Valley Baptist. I will make the extra drive.

The only negative is I know no one in McAllen. I hate talking on the phone.

Well back to watching the same war movies I've seen so many times. If the spinal tap is negative I will turn to mind over matter to control the pain.

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Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well with your procedures, by reading this new article I know who is your Doctor, thank you for sharing. Neurologist are hard to find and that's why I asked. I read your blog not for information about the beautiful city of Brownsville and I'm glad the blogger is a person who is not only concentrated in politics. Get well.