Thursday, May 4, 2017


I intended to hold this until Friday, but I failed to reorder the medication which allows me to sleep, so I may be awake for three days.

My readers, unlike the pay to play blogs do not need to be spoon fed who they should vote for.  I want readers who can make up their own mind.

These are just considerations.

The other day in a comment because I was on my phone, I noted how beautiful our main bus terminal is.  There is a ton of light.  I felt very safe leaving the building to go for a cup of coffee while waiting for my bus to Dallas.  Having made the trip, save for Corpus Christi, Brownsville hands down has the best bus terminal.  San Antonio's smelled like and looked like an abandoned nursing home.  Dallas and Austin are not much better.  Harlingen should be ashamed of itself.

My point is I can say the city has done some good downtown.  But the real good has come from the people willing to invest downtown without the needed help from the city. There are so many wonderful people working to turn downtown around.  They just need leadership from the city commission to make the investment more viable.  And that is the issue, not whether or not there is an amazing bus station with amazing lighting and a great sense of safety.  The only negative is the outside smells like urine.

Having just been in downtown Dallas for the first time in years, I normally only go to Oakcliff, and Whiterock where the house is, I was blown away by how many apartments and condos are now where old buildings use to stand.  The BV has stated before this is the key to reviving downtown.  This is how Dallas started.  One housing facility at a time.  Our city has no policy, and John Villarreal has wasted his time on the city commission offering nothing on the issue.

Unlike others I have not made a big deal over the bike paths and trails.  With the exception of 6th street and its total lack of safety and the downtown event which would do better if it were moved to a different venue, I think the trails deserve praise.  I know a lot of poor people who use them.

My issue with Rose Gowen is she has refused to address major health issues in Brownsville such as HPV, HIV, Hep C., the Zika virus, and the danger to pregnant women and children who use bug spray.  How can she watch the HPV commercial featuring children who never got the vaccine and then contracted the virus?  Her medical practice includes women who have contracted cervical cancer from the HPV virus and she remains silent,.  Absolute shame on Rose Gowen for her silence as to these major health issues.

Now to be fair, I cannot think of one good thing to say about her opponent, which is why I voted a blank ballot.

I have taken the time to think these things out as to what I think is best for Brownsville.  I will not take umbrage if you disagree with me on the issues.


You decide it is time for a complete overhaul of city hall so you vote for Neece, Garza, and Castro.

You are happy with the state of affairs and you vote for Gowen, Villarreal, and Munguia.

You are unhappy with some or all of the candidates and you vote a blank ballot or a partial blank ballot.

Only you, not me, can decide what is best for your family.

I recommend that you deeply consider what is best for you and your family and vote accordingly.  Do not allow the blogs to sway you.  . The blogs are a joke of paid for promotions which at times read as Sunday's comics.  The typing monkey trashes Brownsville daily as a dump, and then praises Villarreal for making downtown into the Garden of Eden.  It is good comedy, but it does not solve any of our problems. 

My view is, it is your vote and it must be respected.   So go vote.  You know your options and be proud of your choice.  No one has the right to call you out for your vote.  It is yours and not theirs or mine.  

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