Wednesday, May 10, 2017


FB got hit with this biggest shocker which will for sure change its platform for good.  But first how the unique history of Germany and hate speech has U.S. Jews reclaiming German citizenship out of fear of an increase in hate speech in the U.S.

Germany learned its lesson.  The U.S. was as much a part of the hate speech against Jews, not the extermination, as the Germans during the mid 30's to mid 40's.  We learned nothing, unlike the Germans.

"Reports of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. are up 86 percent so far this year, according to a study released by the Anti-Defamation League. And with that increase comes a new wave of interest in a decades-old German law reinstating German citizenship to Holocaust refugees and their descendants."

In the U.S. there is a growing number of Jews reclaiming their German citizenship as a way out of the U.S. if necessary.  This right belongs to Holocaust survivors and their descendents.

Germany knows all too well what happens when hate speech goes too far.  My problem is what is hate speech?

I do not consider the following comment by Stephen Colbert to be hate speech.  If you know him you know there is nothing homophobic about him.  I found the line to be funny because it is true.

""The only thing your mouth [Trump's] is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster"

I learned about the comment from a Washington Post OPED piece which likened the act to accusing Trump of being a women.  Now that was offensive.  To suggest anyone who performs this act is a women is very homophobic.  You will not see an apology or any counter argument in the Washington Post.  


Now remember Austria also knows all too well the consequences of unchecked hate speech.  They were part of the German machine, although many will say not voluntarily.  It is important to understand this because it demonstrates how a country's history can impact laws on free speech or any other matter.

"In a decision that could have global consequences, an Austrian court ruled on Friday that Facebook must delete postings deemed to be hate speech."

The offending language?

"which translate roughly as "lousy traitor" and "corrupt bumpkin."  The statements were against a politician and this type speech should be fair game.  I think Austria has made a mockery of hate speech by its Court's decision.

Source: NPR

An ongoing legal issue in the U.S. is foreign nationals using our courts and laws to sue in the U.S.  This raises the spectrum, whether Austria or some other country will allow U.S. Americans be able to sue to remove content from the internet or for damages.

The internet has changed the world.  The law is running to catch up.  

We need a real substantive discussion on the true meaning of hate speech.  It must be based on an intent to hurt a non-politician based on who they are.  If we call everything said bad against politicians hate speech, then we will not be allowed to speak against politicians or politically active people.

The discussion will evolve in our courts.  But hate speech cannot become the type thing you know when you see it.  Speech is too important to reduce hate speech to such a standard.  It also deems the real hate speech meaningless.  If you are a known group which targets, Jews, gays, blacks, Anglos, etc and publish inflammatory videos or comments about the group, then I think we can call it hate speech.  But merely speaking out against a political agenda by any of these groups is not hate speech.

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