Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Because I know how evidence can be so simply manipulated concerning this story I remain on the fence in so many ways.  I am happy there is a Special Counsel.  I hope with Congress, the Press, and a Special Counsel we may get to a semblance of the truth.  I may not like Trump, but I love this country too much to see this crisis unfold in an injustice to the presidency.  The presidency is more important than any one person.

The funny CNN OPED headline: Don't fall for Watergate myth"  Now before you read the OPED, ask yourself what you think the headline means?  Does it align with what is actually in the OPED piece?

The alleged myth is the press broke Watergate by itself.  This is what the OPED author does not want you to believe.

He is right.  We need the Press, Congress, and the Special Counsel to oversee this investigation if we hope to get to the truth.

From CNN:

"There are too many endemic problems with the press, including partisan news and fake information, to count on it to handle the job by itself. The matter is too grave to depend on one institution alone. For starters, Congress must insist on an independent FBI director and, if a special prosecutor is appointed, he or she must not be someone who will replicate the biased demeanor of Starr. If Congress sets up a commission, it must be staffed with individuals of the highest integrity.
Good journalism depends on a healthy government, even when parts of that government may be rotten. The idea that journalists can tackle Trump on their own is a dangerous fallacy, one that gives too many politicians the cover to avoid their responsibilities."


Anonymous said...

The free and independent press is no longer. The press is a branch of the Democratic party and cannot be trusted.

BobbyWC said...

Kind of like Fox News, and the endless other news media that spent the day spewing the Republican talking points.

Bobby WC

Unknown said...

Good point as usual, but please remember that "PROVES IT'S POINT" is not correct; it is one of the most common mistakes to confuse 'its' with 'it's'. The second means 'it is' and the first indicates possession. I'll be happy to proofread articles before (obvious) they are posted, free.
The comment is made by a retired teacher who wishes to improve English grammar used by journalists, blog writers, high school and college students, and the general public.

Good Grammar makes for Good Communication

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the correction. I do know the difference but I Am terrible at self editing. When I get home after lunch I will correct it. I do appreciate your professional approach.

Anonymous said...

Well; might as well correct "handled." Good post, as usual . Thanks for all you do, Bobby!

BobbyWC said...

Even the best news sources have editors which missed things. I am not sayinig the previous poster missed handled - maybe they were just trying be polite and educate my readers on the common mistake concerning its and it's. But thank you. My head is killing me for days. Nothing works - not even really strong pain killers. I can barely see straight.

Bobby WC