Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I know people.  Many people tonight will be disappointed if Ben Neece does not some how send Mayor Tony Martinez packing.  Well news flash, Item 24 on the agenda is the canvassing of the votes, which occurs before any swearing in.  Only then will they even schedule the swearing in of Ben Neece.  So expect nothing, because tonight John Villarreal will continue to hold his position.  There appears to be nothing of consequence except the closing of an alley.  That may be nothing, but with this mayor and city manager it could be a big thing.

In the world of politics political capital melts away pretty fast, which is why you must be constantly creating new political capital.  There is no doubt in my mind meetings have already been had on how to proceed on any number of subjects, with Tenaska at the top of the list. A Tenaska victory early on will give Ben an incredible amount of new political capital.  Remember Ben is not a commissioner yet.  Any private citizen can meet with two or even three commissioners at a time without breaking any rules.

Even once Ben is sworn in, unless another commissioner is putting issues on the agenda for him, he will have nothing on the agenda because he was not a commissioner in time to place anything on the agenda.

But all the while because people do not understand how the system works, Ben's political capital will begin to melt, as the uninformed become frustrated nothing is happening.

It will be the end of this month or June before we see any action by Ben.  He needs to form his coalition first.  You do not do that in one day.  Everyone wants something so votes will be traded back and forth before commitments are made.  It is called politics.

It may take until the Fall before we see any momentum.

An early victory on rolling back the BPUB rates to pre-Tenaska would be a significant victory.

This is one big game of finess.

Tetreau and Longoria will face voters in two years over this issue.  The problem is we can count on people who can never win announcing against both.  But it is all too possible real and viable candidates will announce against both.

A vote for a BPUB rate reduction, could guarantee the incumbents' victory regardless of who runs against them.  It is a Bread and Butter issue people really care about and can relate to.

But you can bet your dollar if Tetreau and Longoria go along with Ben, Tony's political machine will make sure someone runs against them who can win.  Longoria is the real wild card.  Longoria may hold on the issue and leave things as is, then Ben will need to turn to Munguia.  If Munguia aligns with Ben on this issue, and Longora aligns with the mayor, Longoria with a viable candidate will see the end of his political career.

Lets just hope the same old people do not announce against him.


Anonymous said...

Longoria better do the right thing for his economic poor district and the rest of brownsvilles rate payers.LONGORIA IS been on commission for more than 12 yrs its time to stand for something other than yourself.

Anonymous said...

Longoria needs to go. It's time for an end to the nothingness he has brought to the table. I've seen his crappy comments on another blog. He's not only disrespectful but he's just plain rude. Needs to be replaced ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Then he needs a challenger. NO ROMAN, NOT YOU!