Wednesday, April 5, 2017


From John Villarreal as quoted by the typing monkey. "Villarreal told The Republic in a telephone interview. “As far as I know, the address he listed does not exist. I asked the city’s Engineering Department about it and they do not show it. The city’s Engineering Department assigns and catalogs all local addresses. They show 2305 and 2307, but no 2303.”

Well first of all the address is 1203 E Washington, so John might want to get that right.  But what is beyond bizarre is after quoting John as saying the Engineering Department says Neeces's address does not exist, the writing monkey confirms Villarreal is simply wrong, and describes the address.  Well not needing bus money from McAllen/Pharr to Brownsville, this morning I went to the address to investigate.

Here is a picture of the stair case the typing monkey describes.  Mine is from this morning, his is from 2015, which he chose not to post.

Villarreal went on. “It’s a fake address. He’s an attorney. He should know the law. It’s real fishy.”  You can clearly see it is not a fake address.  Well John the law is actually you can use any address you intend to return to.  In the case of John Loza of the Dallas City Commission, I succeeded in getting a grand jury to No Bill him on the argument you can use any address you intend to return to.

Even the typing monkey is forced to sort of call Villarreal a liar about the fake address. "A check on Google of the address Neece is using shows the mysterious address somewhat lodged between buildings and, in essence, is a metal plate with the numerical 2303 number hung on a wrought iron fence that appears to front a stairway leading to an older greenish building behind the row of Washington Street businesses that includes Kim’s Trading."

If you enlarge the google picture from 2015, you will notice there is no signage on the gate as alleged, so this would imply Villarreal knew about the sign and had the typing monkey claim he saw it on the google page, where it clearly does not exist.

While I do not remember the spelling, but the living unit is above either Cindy's Fashions, not Kim's Trading.

On the google page, look at the stairway from 2015, and the stairway as of this morning.  There is clear improvements made.  Also at the top of the stairway was a light for the entrance to the upstairs.

Click for google picture from 2015

You will also note from the current picture, the sign with the non-existent address according to John Villarreal, a sign which says Spanish Moon, and that you are under surveillance.

By chance when I was there this morning the owner of the downstairs clothes store was opening up and I asked her about the upstairs.  She was very clear, a man lives up stairs and I was free to ring the bell and he would come down.  It was about 9:45 a.m., and Ben would have been at work.

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