Thursday, April 13, 2017


First the myth I am an outsider to Brownsville.  My siblings and father lived here in the early 40's.  He worked for Pan Am, and was a union organizer for the transportation industry.  My sister Caroline married local and never left.  My first visit was in 62'.  We spent a week before flying on to Managua, Nicaragua to see my grandmother. 

Since moving to Texas in 76' I came to Brownsville on a regular basis to visit my sister and her family.  I finally decided 13 years ago after coming down every month, it was time to just move.  My ex and I just split, and the move here only made sense.  And for  the record my ex and I speak every day, and because he is from Brownsville he stays in one of my guest rooms when he visits Brownsville.

The BV is the only social media which promotes Brownsville in its logo.  I believe in Brownsville. Hands down it has the best weather in the U.S.  No one can compete, when you include the gulf of Mexico.  My family loves Brownsville and SPI which is why 37 are coming this summer.  The zoo day should be interesting. Plus they will spend one night in Brownsville before heading back to various states.

I have written many times we have the most amazing parks.  The city for all of its failings has created an incredibly family friendly city with its parks and trails.  The fact I believe Cyclopedia is done in the wrong venue, and the bike trail next to the zoo is dangerous does not mean I oppose the bike trails.

I do not play the game and say poor people do not have bikes.,  Of course they do.  Many depend on some of the bike trails for their safe ride to work.  My roommate before he could afford his first car, some 30 years ago road his bike to work every day.  We take his grandchildren to the trails to ride their bikes.  These are not kids of means.  While I bought Bela's the police gave her brothers bikes during Christmas.  


Only the BV defends Brownsville on this issue.  I am helping my niece with a problem she has in a township where she lives in NY.  In NY you have towns, townships which oversee the towns, and then the county and state.  The county officials refer to Brookhaven as Crookhaven.  Corruption and bad government exist in all of the U.S. and it is the bigotry of the bloggers who try and pass it off as something related to Brownsville having a high Mexican American population.  Our problems are no different than in any other city, county or state.


Because he is ruff around the edges and cannot communicate with people in a way which mediates the conversation, he is not heard. But other than Pat who is raising the issues of the day.  He speaks to the problems and how we got there.  On policy you will not hear me trash Pat like the trolls do on other blogs.  The trolls know their comments will not get through at the BV.  I simply fail to understand how the other bloggers as moderators fail to understand they diminish their blog when they allow the troll comments through.  

I was looking at last months PUB bill.  My house is just under 2,000 square feet. My pool pump runs 10 hours a day.  My electric bill was only $68.  It went to $101, without water and sewage when you add in the fuel surcharge and other BPUB fees.  I think I am at the point of diminishing returns, [can I get lower than $68? - no but I can keep it from going up during June through September].  This morning I am signing the $3400 contract for blow in insulation in my attic.  The city will give me another $500 rebate.  Lowes will loan me the money for 3 years at 3.9% interest.  The payment is estimated at $100 per month.  The rebate will pay off most of McCoys, for the part of the doors the loan did not cover, and that charge will then be 100% interest free.

But I have to ask, why is Pat, but none of the candidates really talking about this issue?  With oil and gas at record lows why do I pay BPUB $28 for a fuel surcharge?  If you are going to vote this by itself is a reason to vote Villarreal and Gowen off of the city commission.  But to be fair the opponents are not making an issue of this theft. 

Pat learn to speak with a mediating voice and your voice will go futher than ever before.  We may not agree on everything, but you speak to issues, and  the BV has always rewarded that.  A mediating voice Pat, and you can and will become a valuable voice for Brownsville.


BobbyWC said...

First of all troll, I have been to Florida. Second I know the history of our airport when Pan Am an Braniff landed in Brownsville to refuel before heading on to Central or South America. This is why I am so committed to what I know our airport can do.

I have never said i am the only one. I praise Sylvia the district clerk the other day.

I went out of my way to say Pat Ahumada is the only public figure discussing issues.

I praise elected officials for good acts all of the time.

I do call out the corruption because i care. but I also make sure people understand it is not unique to Brownsville. that is the racists speaking.

So your lies will never get through.

Riddle me this, why bother reading the BV if you hate me and the BV so much. God my life is too filled to be reading something i hate so much.

Fill your file with reading you find rewarding.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Correction Sylvia the county clerk. As to Brownsville be a gateway it is. When Houston and Dallas are backed up at customs for flights coming in from Central and south American, the 757's are rerouted to Brownsville where they clear customs here. They then fly onto Dallas and Houston to a regular terminal.

We are ready for international produce from South America. It is just going to take leadership to make it happen. All South American countried are asking for a new port of entry because Florida and LA cannot handle all of it.

Do you honestly believe my sister and nieces and nephews never told me about the hardships of being in Brownsville in the 50's 60's and 70's with no jobs. My brother in law would have to travel to state to practice his trade as a brick layer. The family moved many times, and many times he went on his own.

I was told the history. My brother in law died at age 94' adn was known by all connected people in Brownsville. The historical society will be honoring him for his contributions to Brownsville. In his 90's he was still doing restoration work for the city and UTB. He told us the history of teh city and downtown. He remembered when boats were on the river before the dams up river. I know plenty about Brownsville. my sister lived it. Her husband's family lived it for many many generations. What makes you think only you can know about Brownsville - how arrogant. Everyone has a story and lived a diffent journey. I take the time to learn everyone's journey. When when someone wants to paint themselves as the one who knows I dismiss them

Bobby WC