Tuesday, April 4, 2017


My post yesterday on the election was solid and I hold to everything I said.  If you as a candidate have nothing to say about the problems we face along with a solution then you do not merit our support.  A simple standard to equally apply to all candidates.  I have spent years complaining about how all the candidates have FB accounts and fail to use them to outline their agenda of problems which need addressing and their solution to the problems.

But to be honest part of my goal was to get the typing monkey to blindly endorse losing candidates as a response to my post.

The typing monkey loves to lecture on journalism - so lets see what he has said about what a journalist does and if he applied those standards to his endorsements.

We all know why he endlessly attacks Ben Neece, even this morning.  His post today is nothing more than a repeat of my post yesterday but limited to Ben Neece while failing to apply the same standard to his endorsements.

Ben Neece is the object of his attacks for the same reason he attacks every other candidate who refuses to answer his questions.  If you ignore him the typing monkey attacks.  Unlike the  typing monkey I have been in war torn countries during the war, and subject to evacuation by the U.S. Embassy.  I learned at a very young age that when you travel to certain countries you register at the U.S. Embassy, and give them a copy of your itinerary and numbers where you can be reached.

My first incident was after the Sandinistas attacked government officials.  At the time of the invite to the party the night before I did not know Sandinistas in Managua were celebrating the following day's attack.  I had my cousin take back to my uncle's home because I found the situation way too dangerous and stupid.  Why celebrate in advance?  Why bring a young U.S. American to the party?

As it turned out the U.S. knew about the party in advanced and did not warn the Somoza government.  In fact they had the name of every one at the party.  That next morning after the attack the Embassy contacted me and informed me I need to prepare for evacuation because my safety was in question because I was at the party.  My mother  had been contacted and was to say the least, pissed.

Well push came to shove and the Embassy decided the Somoza government had no knowledge of the party and that the guests were not compromised, and that an evacuation of U.S. Americans via the embassy would make the U.S. and Somoza look bad.  I was told to stay off the streets for the remainder of my visit.  I was also told to remain silent about what I knew.  You know what I remained silent, because when U.S. Intelligence sources tell you to zip it, you zip it.

Neece's adventure in Africa will always be clouded with intrigue because the various U.S. and international agencies involved have ordered everyone to remain zipped.  We are dealing with a lot of people all over the world in the same situation and the various agencies which deal with these matters do not want anything they do getting out.

But the typing monkey demands to know.  Neece does what he is told and remains zipped, so he is attacked.


He loves to tell us good journalists get to the who, what, when and how.  But yet nothing of this exists in his writings.  What issues have any of his endorsed candidates identified and what solutions have they offered to address these issues?  None.  He cannot tell you one.  I know if I did yesterday's piece he would write the opposite, so I went for it and the typing monkey took the bait.

The BV is holding, and endorsing no one because not one candidate has identified the problems plaguing the city and how to address those problems.

So this morning he attacks Neece for offering nothing, while endorsing his opponent who not only offers nothing, but as a sitting city commissioner has done nothing, but act as Tony Martinez's lap dog, and surrendered control of downtown to the detriment of the business owners to Rose Gowen.  Cyclopedia is a good thing, but how about doing it at the Sports Park or the Golf course.?  Again, I say vote a blank ballot until we hear otherwise from the candidates.


Below is what the typing money said about Gowen before endorsing her.

"Still, we at The Avenger are here to, well, avenge, so the selection of Ms. Gowen as Ghoul Of The Year rests on her failure to uphold her public image, at least the one she carries in her head, by blowing it during this past citizen’s race."

After saying this about Rose Gowen the typing monkey endorsed her.  Get it

In the post he included a picture of a morbidly obese Gowen while using the word girth while writing about her.  In that I deal in reality, and know weight has nothing to do with character, qualifications, or the type person you are. I see it as a none issue.  I am in week three of Glucerna twice a day for two meals and then a small meal as part of the pre bariatric surgery, which I have now decided not to do, and have lost not one ounce of weight.  I am also doing 30 laps a day in the pool.  I at about 750 calories a day.  I know my problem and so too does the VA, I have hypothalamic dysfunction which in part means no metabolism.  If after this long on the post surgery diet I have lost not one ounce of weight, then the bariatric surgery will not work in my case.  But you know my heart cath shows I am about 95% clean.  Why? I have always eaten healthy and exercised all of my adult life. At age 50, I benched 315 lbs.  I suspect it will take me until age 62 to do it again, but I am working on it and pushing hard.

You know the problem with a fast metabolism.  You think because you are skinny you can eat anything and by age 40 while skinny you have diabetes and heart disease. The male trainer from Biggest Loser at age 51 just had a heart attack.  I tell people all of the time, do not worry about your weight. Just worry about your cardiovasvular system and exercise and eat healthy.  Some people are just made to be plump, but this does not mean you do not eat healthy and exercise


He attacks Castro for being heavy.  Not a word about issues.  I am not a Castro supporter and would rather vote a blank ballot than vote for Castro.  But to use an old out dated picture of Castro and say he is not qualified because he is fat, only proves even monkeys can type.

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