Thursday, April 6, 2017


Every conversation anyone with the Clinton Foundation has had with a Russian or Chinese diplomat for example as been recorded by our national intelligence services. This is standard practice, even with Exxon Mobile.  Unless determined as needed the name of US citizens are redacted.  If a need to know is determined they are unmasked.  There is nothing new about this.  Both sides have taken these basic practises and spinned them into something nefarious and in the process is making the US look stupid.

But I find it interesting no one has raised the thousands of recorded conversations involving Clinton Foundation staffers.  I am not saying anything was ever done which was wrong, my question is why is the issue a sacred cow.  Is it possible that is a door the Democrats do not want opened, and the Republicans fear it because it will show just how standard and routine this practice really it.

Is keeping quiet about the Clinton Foundation just a way to keep quiet about how both sides are fudging the truth and in the process making us look stupid.

I'm bored with both sides.  I am glad we are finally rid of the filibuster.  I am glad Gorsuch will become a Supreme Court Justice, but mad about his lack of interest in the institution.  He put himself ahead of the institution and this I do not like.  But he is more moderate than the late Justice Scalia, so on balance he is not a bad choice.

But think about all of the recorded conversation our intelligence services have of Clinton Foundation employees meeting with the Russians, Chinese, and Saudis and no one seems to care.  You know why, because they are routine and for political reasons both sides have injured our intelligence community to no end.

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