Friday, April 21, 2017


The ads are placed with the Herald.  On Sunday we will see who has money and who does not.  The mailers went out yesterday or this morning.  The postal workers will be busy delivering mailers many will use for dust pans.  That is what I do.  But if the mailer is good, it will be read and could make a difference.

The good news is, we are at the 11th hour and this nasty election will be over soon.

Your choice is simple.  Vote a blank ballot to send a message you want better candidates.  I only get to vote in the At Large Election.

If you are happy with the state of affairs vote for Gowen, Villarreal, and Munguia.

If you cannot bring yourself to vote a blank ballot and are unhappy with the state of affairs vote Neece, Castro and Garza.

My readers do not need to be hand fed an endorsement and told how to think.  So do what you think is best for Brownsville and your family.  I hope your decision moves Brownsville forward, although I must say construction is everywhere in spite of a poorly managed city. 

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