Thursday, April 20, 2017


The BV has noted perhaps the most interesting part of this election is the schism Abraham Galonsky has created by not backing Tony Martinez's and Carlos Marin's candidate in John Villarreal. Any schism in a one political machine system is always good for the people. Mike Hernandez's entry into city politics has only widened that schism, which in the scheme of things is good for Brownsville.

Yesterday while out I got an earful over my suggestion Rose Gowen supports the mocking of overweight people.  It was made as clear as day to me she is not happy with Mike Hernandez and his meddling in her election with the help of the typing monkey.

I was told to demand he print any interview the typing monkey has with her.  Rose does not answer questions so the interview will not exist.  But if you remember not answering questions is a basis to dog a candidate, well unless it will anger your benefactor.

And please I do not want to hear it.  It is common knowledge George Gavito is passing the money so Mike Hernandez's paid bloggers can officially say Mike is not giving them the money.  We are not stupid Mike.  Mike if you have a problem with my words you might want to tell your drunk blogger to stop getting drunk in public bars and running his mouth.

Rose Gowen finds the jocular ramblings of the typing monkey offensive to Brownsville and the needs of Brownsville.  Her associate made clear she is angered by the attack on people with a weight problem.  She does not like the vulgar language.  She finds him a bore and wants nothing to do with him.

In fact Gowen is not happy with Carlos Marin's association with Mike Hernandez, so her associate says.  She remains silent other than with Tony Martinez on assurances things will change.

On my side, if the typing monkey could afford bus fair from McAllen Pharr he would know Brownsville is filled with new cars and trucks and as is his want because of some personal grudge he has against Brownsville he constantly lies and depicts Brownsville otherwise.

The BV has made clear so many times, you build a university or city based on their known assets.  I have made it clear, I am a strong supporter of our parks, trails and bike trails because they complement the best weather in the United States. But the downtown bike event hurts business and the venue should be changed to the old golf course or Sports Park.  Before someone is killed, the bike trail in front of the zoo should be removed.  It is beyond dangerous.  It cannot be safely used.  These have been my only complaints when it comes to trails and bikes.

While we enjoy a summer temperature of 94 and a gulf breeze. McAllen suffers under 110 degrees with no breeze.  Yes Brownsville can do better.  We need better hospitals.  Doctors Renaissance in Edinburg is a premier hospital with top of the line doctors.  We also need a book store.  When I have a hold over in Houston I love going to the book stores to check out new books so I can order  them on Amazon.  I would prefer to check out a book store in Brownsville and buy the books in Brownsville.

In the end this schism within the Martinez/Marin political machine is good for Brownsville.  On this note Galonsky and Hernandez did something good for Brownsville.  But Mike cannot help but make enemies for himself by associating with the blogs.  You cannot be associated with people who are caught all of the time posting false diatribes against local politicos and then ask why the local politicos dislike you so much.

Politics is like the show "Survivor" so long as you are useful, everyone is your friend, but the day you are no longer useful the knives come out and you are blindsided off of the game.  The blindside is coming Mike.  There comes a point too many politicos will go off on Tony Martinez for allowing this to continue, and Carlos Marin will have to take a stand.

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