Friday, April 28, 2017


As is always the case your biggest donors are kept secret until after early voting starts. Naples Investment which does business with the city gave Rose Gowen $5,000.  Mike Hernandez gave Rose Gowen $2,000. Carlos Marin gave Rose Gowen $1,000.  To overcome these donations, Castro is going to have a lot of walkers getting out the word.  His FB page is just not going to get him over the top.  This is a lot of ad and mailer money.

There is nothing of note in William Garza's first campaign report.  His largest donation is $300.

I am very busy and will keep an eye on other reports as the city posts them.

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Anonymous said...

Many people in Brownsville are blocked and do not have access to his Facebook page, even if they wanted to see if he has changed from his old Brownsville Cheezmeh days, they cannot. If he cannot accept disagreement/criticism, how will he compromise with the other commissioners when they are not in agreement with him?