Sunday, April 23, 2017


I swore I would not buy today's Herald for the political ads, but I did.  The three ads appeared in the following order.  Neece, Gowen, Castro.  All three were the same size. Neece's stands out because it is on the outside of the page.  I flipped through the front page section three times before I saw Gowens.  I was tuck on the inside of the page near the end of the front section.  Castro's is on the outside of the page, but not in the front section but instead in an insert promoting Brownsville,"fyi Brownsville."

In my view ads will only matter in close elections.  The At Large Election is the most difficult of the three. Getting enough walkers to go door to door for you in a city wide election is no easy task. Neither Gowen nor Castro sent a mailer which reached my home or that of any of my neighbors.  So in the end a newspaper ad may be the only way they have to reach a large section of the city, assuming people are buying the paper.

Gowens ad has approximately 41 lines of text.  I am sorry but I would never read that ad even for someone I support.  It is way too dense and long. Castro's ad has 17 lines of text.  More readable, but like Gowen's only typical political spillage. 

Ben Neece's ad has 25 lines of text.  In all ads I am counting all lines - even lines with a simple date.

The Gowen Castro race will come down to whether or not Castro's FB followers turn out.  In the past they have failed to turn out in every election in a way to get him elected. In the citywide mayor's race the turnout was dismisal for Castro.  Yes, it is true he got over 10,000 votes in the BISD race, but that race included a presidential race.  In his only city wide race he did not make it to the runoffs.

This race will come down to one thing and one thing only, will his FB lemmings vote? 

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