Friday, April 28, 2017


For now I am predicting a final total turnout of fewer than 6,000 votes.  It is not a firm rule, but typically about 60% of the vote is during early voting.period.  At the halfway mark we are at 1687. Thursday saw a turn out of 370, from a Monday high of 469.  At this rate of attrition the final numbers for early voting do not look good.  If tradition holds, and early voting represents 60% of the total vote, we could easily see a total turn out around only 6,000 votes.

I personally voted a blank ticket at New Horizon around 12:30 or so.  They  told me I was the second voter of the day - which explains their total of 18.  The day before they hit 32, which was their high for the week.


Well a good researcher with the proper tools to do real surveys could write a dissertation on the issue.

While Castro keeps on talking about Lincoln Park, a battle the bloggers won with the help of a lawsuit which included the revelation Rose Gowen voted to effectively give the park away to UT while she was employed by UT.  That story was broke by the BV and given to the attorney the night before the lawsuit was filed.  UT ran, and made it clear it wanted nothing to do with Mayor Tony Martinez, or former UTB president Julieta Garcia.

I can tell you the voters look at the Casa del Nylon deal and just shrug it off as "what's new?"

I will give John Villarreal one thing - Brownsville is booming.  But in terms of policy for downtown what needs to get done, John has proposed nothing and done nothing.  As Martinez's lapdog he could have withheld his vote on all issues Martinez, until meaningful reform was put in place.

In spite of the city, and Mike Hernandez declaring it was not possible, it looks like El Jardin may actually come back to life.  I personally hope once it is clear the reality is real  the city on its own will offer some major tax abatement while encouraging the other taxing entities to make the same offers. El Jardin can be the anchor which brings downtown alive again.  This reality has nothing to do with the city or the candidates.

The investment in downtown in terms of remodelling is real.  People who want to see a revived downtown are working with the Historical Society and others to restore buildings while not changing their original design.  There are so many private citizens working so hard on this, in spite of a city with no policy.

You see the people who own this town know only they can change it.  The city may some day catch up.  There is new construction everywhere.  Old shopping strip owners are having the facade of the buildings redone to look new.  It gives Brownsville a new look.

Boca Chica blvd during many times of the day is a parking lot.  Yes there are a few empty buildings, but new businesses are opening all of the time.

It is funny, the typing monkey quotes Villarreal saying Brownsville is a thriving city, which it is, and then he calls Villarreal a liar by implying our roads are filled with junkyard cars.  Not only do we have a new Toyota dealership, other dealerships have bought more land and rebuilt their main buildings.  New cars are selling like hot cakes on Brownsville, because our economy is booming.

So when the voter just looks around and sees what is happening in Brownsville and see they are doing better, their interest in politics feigns.

If the candidates had the type money needed to create real debates on the key issues of the day, the voter turnout would be larger.  You would be amazed even with the political signs how many people have no idea there is an election going on.  A water policy is essential for bringing in manufacturing jobs.  I can tell you, talking water policy will put a voter asleep faster than sedation.  No where in the country is it possible to speak of the real issues which build a city.  They are not bread and butter issues so the voters just move on.  And since our tables in Brownsville are filled with bread and butter, the voters have no interest in the election.

In terms of the voters' total number the blogs do not exist.  Only the BV has been consistently honest about this.  The other day the typing monkey claimed over a 100 comments he rejected related to Ben Neece.  The typing monkey is not even capable of devising a plausible lie.  No blog has ever gotten that many comments.

Even FB blogs do not get that number of comments.  Further comments with rare occasion is for the anonymous poster.  With the typing monkey to leave a comment you have to give your name, and email, People are just not going to do that.  It is all lies, and always has been all lies.

At this point it really does not matter if Mike Hernandez is funnelling the typing monkey money, the politicos believe it to be so, and Mike's reputation has been significantly diminished for it.  He hung himself.  So we left him to tell his endless lies about Brownsville because we knew Mike Hernandez would take the hit.

The BV which is always the case will provide the best election night coverage hands down, press and TV stations included.  Because of my training in statistical analysis for social science issues, I called Trnmp as president long before all of the polls closed or any news network called the election.  One North Carolina was lost it was clear working class Democrats were looking for something new.  Given the loss of jobs in states like Michigan and Trumps impossible promises, it was all over for Hillary.

The election in two years will be a lot more covered and exciting.  The potential candidates against Jessica Tetreau and Rick Longoria are lining up.  If Tony Martinez chooses to run for a third term he will have a plethora of opponents.  The question is, will it be the same old washed up candidates, or new faces with money and ideas which will move Brownsville forward at a faster rate.

We are moving forward in spite of a corrupt and inept city commission.  But with leadership we can boom along with Space X as its first launch finally comes a reality.

Oh, they did not allow for a write in candidate so I could not write in Don Rickles.  With no disrespect to the great Don Rickles since the at large race is one big joke, why not just vote for the best joke teller ever?

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