Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The central library saw a slight increase, while the main office saw a more than 50% decrease.  Basically everyone else was stable more or less. New Horizon and the UTRGV Student Center also saw a small increase.  We went from 469 early voters to 436.  This election is going to require at the district level that the candidates get out their voters.  If you cannot get people to the polls you will lose.

There is no polling in Brownsville so no one can say who is winning and who is losing.  "Word on the street" predictions are as useful as used toilet paper.  All three races are any one's guess.  


Anonymous said...

It seems difficult to get the voters out, probably too jaded from the never-ending ethically challenged candidates . Dismal is the word you meant.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct and thanks for the professional way you pointed out the mistake. I am so tired. The VA finally agreed something is wrong based on me failing a series of other tests, and a new brain MRI is being done tomorrow. Againt last night I woke up choking. Itis not the BIPAP machine. My system will not just jump start itself again fast enough when i stop breathing. The machine is working well. Today I am trying to clean the pool filter. I am about to start for the first time. I think I will finish this time. Just holding a hose to clean out the filter is very tiring.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I went to vote today. NO line; it was around 11 am. I think the ladies were getting bored just sitting there. On my side of town I could only vote for the commissioner at large position.
Yesterday, I was driving down Central and the library is the only place where you see the politiqueros (aside from the courthouse)I hope that after May's election, the take down their sign. It makes our town look cheap, they are an eye sore, they serve no positive purpose.

BobbyWC said...

Unfortunately there are still signs from bisd and the mayor's race two years ago. The city will never enforce the law. If I can do a write in in the at large which is the only election I can vote in I will write in Don Tickles. I think his name fits for the at large election