Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The first three days of early voting are 469, 436, and 412. While New Horizon and Good Shepherd saw a near 100% increase each, the Central Library saw a large drop.  

Again when you divide the turnout by 4 each district is maybe getting over a 100 votes.  Although I suspect the districts in play are getting more votes towards the total than the two districts not in play.

Guys, start knocking on doors.  With this kind of turn out, every vote is going to count for the district races.  

I've decided that on Thursday when I vote, if I can do a write in the best option for the At Large race is for me to write in Don Rickles.  That seems about right for the At Large Race.

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Anonymous said...

Guess the Trumpistas won't be able to whine and moan about so-called "voter fraud." No need for voter suppression in this election. What ever happened to "vote early vote often," the Texas way? Bring back the good ole days!