Tuesday, April 25, 2017


After last night, although I hate thinking about it, when Buster passes I will go to the pound for two more puppies.  There is no better medicine or doctor than a dog.

Buster is the darker one. Keaton passed about three years ago from brain cancer. I always use this picture because I never want to leave Keaton out when I speak of Buster. 

People may not believe me, but I do believe Buster saved my life last night. I posted what follows to a member of my FB family's timeline who just lost one of their dogs.

Dogs are amazing and I feel sorry for people who do not get just how amazing dogs really are. 

At maybe 3:30 a.m this morning Buster put her paws up on my bed where my head was. She started to bark up a storm until i woke up. I was suffocating. CPAP/BIPAP's do not always work. It is not about the number of events, but the length of the event.  Even with a high pressure, it is not enough to get you breathing again.

I felt myself floating away. I could not wake up. Buster knew something was wrong, and kept on barking until I woke up. It was bad. My chest was killing me. My head was all disoriented. When i was finally able to get out of bed I realized what happened.

I was mad at Buster at first for waking me, but when I realized she would not go out, and just went back to her spot to go back to sleep I realized what she did. God dogs are smart. 

This sealed it. When she passes I will go to the pound for two more. Whenever I am sick Buster insists on sleeping in my bed, otherwise she prefers her own. She is so intelligent and protective.  I truly know how amazing dogs can be.  How did she know I was in danger.

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