Tuesday, April 18, 2017


As I type I am waiting on the crew who are going to do the blow in for my insulation in the attic. This year for some people will be the last year I will do their taxes.  For low income people, including retirees, HR Block has a free program.  I do not charge for my services.

But this year the IRS started to require you include a driver's license number of state ID number.  I told people.  Well, yesterday those who chose to wait until the last minute to get an ID, or because they simply did not care about how their late participation would affect me, brought me their W2's and other documents  and several others brought them this morning.  So now my day is lost helping them.  When I finish their returns I will inform them I will not be doing theirs next year.

Also those who lost their previous years returns I will not be doing next year.  I keep no records.  I return their W2's or any 1099's along with their new tax return.  I staple a a sheet of notepade to the top left hand corner with their HR block username and password.  I keep no record of either.  All I ask is the following year they bring me the packet so my work is earier and I do not have to set up a new account.  It is too much to ask.

For the average Joe it is not hard.  They should be able to go to the library and click on the free HR block program and just fill in the blanks.

What really got my goat was the person who blocked out their social security number and refused to provide me with an ID.  I told them I could not do their taxes without the numbers.  They said they would report me to HR Block.  I gave them the complaint number.  Some people you just cannot help.



I am waiting on someone to provide some information which will add to this post in terms of money.

When I get it, I will post it here under update.

In most cases the Herald has a deadline of Wednesday for Sunday's ads. The candidates with money I am sure are finalizing their Sunday ads now.  Those with real money are getting their mailers out.

Early voting is Monday.  Late evening Remi Garza will post the turnout for Monday.  The numbers will be a strong indication of the type turn out we can expect.  During the presidential election the first day of early voting was not the largest turnout.  So we can have days with even bigger turnouts than Monday.

On Sunday we will know who has the resources to take this to the end.  I am not sure if ads work, but the candidates believe they do.  On more than one occasion someone would call me and ask what I thougth of so and so's ad.  This is when I would still buy Sunday's paper to see the ads.  I no longer waste my money.  Even though back then I had bought the paper I would tell the caller I honestly did not see the ad.

The placement of the ad and design are key.  I would not even consider an ad which was in a letter form with some long diatribe against their opponent.

The best ads are one sentence truthful claims.  You can have 10 one sentence claims with an asterisk or large black dot next to each of them. That is fine.  Just do not do it as a long narrative

So today the candidates with money will be finalizing their ads, while second guessing themselves if the ad is done properly.

If the candidate fails to produce an ad or send out mailers, then it is fair to say they do not have the money to take this race to the finish line, and that may be a valid indicator as to who will win.

I know of one candidate who claims to have an army of walkers going door to door with push cards.  Based on my personal reaction, with no scientific evidence to support the claim as being universal to all voters, the door to door campaign for me is the most effective.

In researching the issue experts say D2D as they call it can hurt you, or is the single best option in a small local election, so who knows.

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