Tuesday, April 11, 2017


It is confirmed that Montoya stopped publishing anti-Mike Hernandez stories the day he went on Mike's payroll.  There is no lie Juanito will not print for a plate of shrimp.  According to Robert Sanchez Juanito shows up at his restaurant every week for free meals.  According to Cris Valadez he  calls him in the middle of the night for beer money or else.  And of course it has now been proven he is on Mike Hernandez's payroll.


You can delete everything Juanito but I already have printed everything for the judge to show how Mike is a fraud and a con by buying silence.

"Let the record show that, despite Hernandez being one of many thousand successful car dealers in the U.S., he proved himself an annoying amateur in his entry into Brownsville politics. It's doubtful he's an expert in managing a port or community college, either."

"So much for philanthropy if there's no profit, hey Mike?
But not to worry, Mike (can we call you Mike?) says he's "exploring" other opportunities downtown."

"So when it comes to things like downtown renovation or political involvement, the OP 10.33 crowd have a skewered sense of philanthropy: We'll go for it only if there is something to be gained; monetary profit or political control."

"And what will Marin and Hernandez's strategy to steal the TSC election (through Escobedo's machinations) be?

"They are targeting women, educators, low-educated Hispanic women for the blind vote, Bernie Sanders supporters, and those who signed on as volunteers when we were both together," the staffer said."

Montoya's endless diatribes against Hernandez go on for pages.  In fact it was because of the fair coverage by the BV that Mike Hernandez called the BV to get out its side of the story.  I began to hear things which  gave a different picture, such as the theft of the voter registration list at V3, a non profit, which eventually lead to Jose Angel Gutierrez breaking with Mike.

Then came the phone call from Mike offering me money if I endorsed his port candidates.  The BV immediately went public with the story and refused the money.

I joked at the time Mike should have offered the money to Juanito and McHale.  Well he has silenced McHale, and has bought the typing monkey and Juanito.  The BV could not be bought.


Montoya having no interest in evidence or reality, got Robert Sanchez held in contempt over his outrageous stories wherein Robert Sanchez was making horrible claims against his soon to be ex wife.

All the BV did is cover the divorce until it was brought under control.  The BV limited its coverage to the pleadings.

I have endless text messages from Sanchez saved to my SIM card ready to go to prove my claims.

The BV has been consistent in denouncing this type game playing.  The theme of my piece was to shut Sanchez and Valadez down.  Mike such as his cousin Robert is too stupid to understand this.

But since  Robert Sanchez wants to play games, and will never learn his lesson about going to Montoya who will print anything for a free meal or beer money, lets continue with Robert Sanchez's lies.

My phone bill will show endless calls from Sanchez.  He was demanding I defame the mother of his children based on her having a relationship with Rene Oliviera.  To get there he claimed he could prove Rene Oliviera gave his ex wife an STD and he feared it would be spread to his children.  He posted this claim anonymously on several blogs.  I rejected them knowing they were coming from Sanchez.  Sanchez will lie at the drop of a bucket.

I cannot  tell you how many times I had no idea if he was even sober while on the phone.  One time he denied knowing someone who was sitting with him at his restaurant.  I had gotten a text from the person claiming Robert Sanchez had told him to go to Mike Hernandez for help.  I called Sanchez and he denied knowing the person.  I texted the person and he said, he was right there sitting with Sanchez.  You see, Sanchez will lie about anything.


Montoya is on the take from Cris Valadez, Mike Hernandez, and Robert Sanchez.  So he must go on the attack to be kept in beer money and shrimp.

My theme again was to shut down the use of defamation against Mike by Robert Sanchez who remains angry Mike did not back him for mayor, and Cris Valadez who wants to destroy Mike before Carlos Cascos runs against Mike's boy Eddie TreviƱo.  It is not complex


How Montoya attacked me for exposing the truth about the two faced Carlos Elizondo while Elizondo was paying him, and then went on the attack against Elizono when the checks stopped.

How Montoya attacked me for exposing the truth about Saenz while taking money to protect Saenz, and then went on the attack when the money stopped.

We all know Montoya's style - free shrimp or beer money will get any story publish by Montoya.


Had I printed the  story without documentation, namely quoting directly from Sanchez's text, I would have been attacked for failing to give examples.  No Juanito it is not libel to print a story exposing those spreading libel against Mike Hernandez.  The examples give the story context.   

Here is how it works - if I quote someone defaming another I could be held accountable.  But I did not do that.  What I did was denounce the speaker for spreading what was clearly lies.  I did not give any credibility to the claims and in  fact ran cover for Mike so people will know there are people out there willing to destroy him based on defamation.  Sanchez repeatedly defamed Oliviera with anony posts alleging STD's, so I know they will play this game.  The people now know there is a political machine out there willing to destroy Mike Hernandez based on lies.  The BV only stands behind truth, which is why most comments are rejected.  The good the bad and the ugly is how the BV works, not on shrimp and beer.


Montoya now has to decide who will he stand with Sanchez and Valadez who want to destroy Mike Hernandez with defamation, or Mike Hernandez.  We all know how this will play out.  A bidding war for Juanito's loyalty.  The only winner in this will be Juanito because it will mean more money for him from the person who bids the highest.


BobbyWC said...

Another anony troll without the courage of their convictions to sign their comments. The BV has always been honest. No sacred cows. That fact the concept eludes you is your problem not mine.

I do not like what is happening with the thinking they can just tell me all of this trask on Mike and I will print it.

I deal in policy. i deal in no sacred cows. I did note that Galonsky and Mike by mixing up this election may be actually doing good for Brownsville. Why - the good the bad and the ugly.

What you want is a blog which protects bad people. Everyone is subject the BV. You want to play dirty games, i do not care who you are, I will out you and that is what I did. Deal with it troll.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I do not publish comments which name other blogs, or concerns about mental health. I basically agree with you. but if you would so kind as to not reference the other blog and leave out the mental health term, your comment will get through.

Sorry, mental health is an important issue. Anyone who says they have never suffered depresssion is a liar. I do not take the issue lightly. I dcan undertand how you arrived at your conclusion. But it could just be the need for money - money buys beer so you publish andy piece of shit which gets you beer money. What really bothers me are the people who pay. They are clueless his stories go nowhere. They pay to only injure thier own reputation.

Bobby WC