Monday, April 10, 2017

conduit contribution is a political donation made through someone else. The individual making the contribution acts as a straw donor in order to conceal the identity of the real donor and the true source of the funds. In most instances the true source of the funds is simply the legitimate wealth of the real donor."

Campaign finance reports are a joke.  There is nothing in the law which allows for proper oversight. Based on driving around town I know more money has been spent on signage than has been reported. Candidates are lying on their reports.

Since living in Brownsville I have seen campaign reports where I was able to subsequently verify dead people donated to a candidate.  It is simply hiding the ID of the true donor.

A normal routine con is to accept the money now, spend it but not report it or the spending until after early voting starts.  It is called hiding the real donor so as to keep the people in the dark.

Not every political donation is to buy a result. Sometimes people do donate big money because the candidate has the right position on an issue, or has voted a certain way in the past.  It is not a question of donating the money while demanding the candidate vote a certain way.  You are giving them the money because you know they will vote the way which benefits you.


We need reform in two areas.  One there must be a penalty of five times the donation for every donation not reported but accepted.  We must have a felony conviction for anyone who participates in conduit contributions.  Until we have these reforms, campaign finance laws and enforcement will remain a joke.

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