Monday, April 3, 2017


Alfredo Martinez

First of all to avoid the confusion coming from the ill informed failed journalist, Alfredo Martinez is not on the ballot, but if he were he would be bringing desperately needed substantive debate to the election.  I interviewed him for over an hour when he was trying to get on the ballot.  He proved to me he is someone more than a name trying to run for public office.  He proved to me he has studied the models in Dallas and other cities as to how they took a dying downtown and revived it.  He had a solid understanding of Brownsville's issues.  He is more than a name.  But he unfortunately had people claim to be registered to vote in his district when they were not, so he failed to secure enough signatures.  I have no idea how well he would have done in the election, but I do know he is a man with desperately needed ideas.


Let's begin with the numbers.  In the last BISD election Castro garnered 10,724 votes, in an election which will have a similar voting base as his At Large Race against Rose Gowen.  In 2013, according to the Herald Rose Gowen in the at Large Race only garnered Commissioner at Large “B” Rose Z. Gowen - 2097 votes.

When you go by the numbers Castro buries Gowen.  Now to be objective, the BISD election was during a presidential race where the turnout was significantly larger than the 2013 COB election.  I expect a small turnout this election.  But the reality is, Castro has proven when it comes to getting the vote out he can get over 10, 000 voted whereas Gowen has never secured even 3000 votes.

My view is this is an open race which either candidate can win.  Rose Gowen has the blind female vote advantage.  But Castro has the advantage of a clear political machine of over 10,000 votes and the very real anti-Tony Martinez, Carlos Marin, and Mike Hernandez machine which will vote for anyone who runs against the Martinez, Marin, Hernandez candidates.

William Garza v. Joel Munguia

We have no history on Munguia, but in 2015 Garza ran for mayor and came in dead last with a mere 760 votes.  His history by the numbers show he has no machine or major public support.  It's odd to me because in preparing for this post many of his supporter told me to look at these numbers and I would see he can win.  Dead last with only 760 votes is not evidence of a winner.

There is a lot of anti-Tony Martinez noise out there.  But Garza is going to have to overcome a well funded Munguia campaign with the full political machine of Tony Martinez and company backing him.  Munguia is an unknown to the people.  So unless Garza has the money for mailers to tie Mungia to Tony Martinez then it will not matter.

Ben Neece v. John Villlarreal

Jerry McHale and Juan Montoya are playing the old con on the people.  Money will insure the truth is kept silent.  In political circles there is no secret that Ben Neece is very tight with Mchale's and Montoya's arch enemy, Abraham Galonsky.  Ben Neece is going to do business with Galonsky no matter how hated he is over the Casa del Nylon deal.  You cannot endlessly attack Tony Martinez over his deal making with Galonsky and remain silent as to Ben Neece's association with Abraham Galonsky when you know full well Ben will keep his friend Galonsky on the do business with list for the city.

This is where it gets interesting, if Ben is in bed with Galonsky, he is de facto in bed with Tony Martinez, Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez  Mike has his paid mouth peace to trash Brownsville women as whores, while pushing his candidates and remaining silent about the failed "Dr." Rose Gowen.  

If I were John Villarreal about now I would be sitting down with Tony Martinez and telling him, "what the hell?"  It may be time for John to move to the the anti-Tony Martinez side if he wants to win, since Ben Neece owns Galonsky and Martinez in terms of support.  

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