Saturday, April 8, 2017


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His overwhelming donations are from vendors with the city.  Linebarger [$1,000]who is always after the city contract for delinquent taxes, and Naple Investments [$2,500], which already has contracts with Brownsville concerning low income housing.  These contracts are worth millions.  The have been caught up in investigations in Dallas concerning donations.

Ben Neece is all local to Cameron or Hidalgo counties.   Regardless of the candidate it is never good to take donations from a vendor who does business with the entity to which you seek election.  Ben did take a $1000 from Abraham Galonsky who has done business with the city, and Rose Gowen took the same amount along with an additional $1,000 from his daughter.



Anonymous said...

Dear Zeke Silva. If you want your Roast House Coffee House to succeed, focus on the success of your business and not on defaming and shaming the 7th and Park establishment. They are succeeding because of the location, its outstanding coffee, and tremendous customer service. With it being on the trail and providing bicycle services, too, it serves an untapped niche in Brownsville. Has it benefited from the City? Yes. Have you, Zeke? Yes. Did you forget about the funding you received from the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation to supplement your trucking company? What's good for the goose is good for the gander wouldn't you say? Actually, no you wouldn't. You have more important things to worry about than a competing coffee shop. Your recent felony DWI perhaps?

BobbyWC said...

Based on the research I can do from home, your claim is accurate. But i still need to go to court on monday to verify. Eventhough I would not be accountable if you are wrong it is defamation per se. But your entire post has merit. I will verify and go from there.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I decided to publish the comment for several reasons. The information for the Zeke Silva for the 1994 felony DWI aligns with the new one. The Herald reports it was the 94' felony DWI which kept him off the ballot for city commission.

I need to further investigate, but his terms of bond should have a breathalizer on his car at this point. But we know how that goes in Cameron county. He should not be driving a county vehicle.

This is only newsworthy because it is a second felony DWI, for which he remains innocent until proven guilty, and he is an assistant to a county commissioner. We all know how favoritism works in this county.

Also the greater comment is what really interested me. Zeke was all fine and dandy when he got public money for his business but now is all upset a competitor is getting public assistance.

I support all small businesses and encourage people to go to his coffee shop. But I find the entire claim to be bogus. When it comes to coffee shops people are not going to drive across town for a cup of Joe. Each coffee shop has its own market and no advertising one way or the other is going to affect the other.

The double standard never flies at the BV.

Bobby WC