Friday, April 7, 2017


This morning I took Buster for her annual shots and physical.  Normally getting her in the door of the vet is a challenge.  There have been times they have actually given her the injection to sedate her at the door.  Since she was 6 months old she has required sedation at the vet.  No idea why.

Maybe her age [nearly 15] or a change of heart after her regular visits for over a month when she had the leg tumor surgery, or maybe an alien dog from a pod, but this morning she was calm and the vet clipped her nails, took blood, gave her injections, without any sedation.  The vet is new as a vet.  Dr. Head who is a great vet, was not there.  I told Dr. Dominguez she needed to brag to Dr. Head how well she did with Buster.

But we are home, and she is happy.  Damn dog understands too much English.  As she was behaving I promised her as many treats as she wanted when we got home.  We are already at 4, and there she sits next to me waiting for more.  Not going to happen.

Well I need to work.

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