Monday, April 10, 2017


Mike Hernandez's meddling in Brownsville politics has brought out a war of words, and schisms within the power brokers.

Abraham Galonsky is proving a powerful voice in this election, which is in fact challenging Tony Martinez and Carlos Marin.  Neither want Ben Neece as a city commissioner, but Galonksy says he does and he has the money to back up what he wants.  To appease Tony and Carlos, Galonsky and his daughter have given $2,000, to Rose Gowen,   As issues arise and Ben votes against Tony, this schism with Galonsky will grow.  This is clearly the most interesting part of this election.  Galonsky may be doing Brownsville a service.


I dismiss just about all information I get on Mike because I see it as sour apples, or just out right lies. There is too much of substance to write which is good, bad, and ugly to worry about the endless tirades against Mike.  But after much reflection I have decided to post some claims by Robert Sanchez.

For $25,000 he offered a picture of Mike Hernandez doing drugs.  Sanchez has called me all excited to tell me a $17,000 drug deal just went down to support Mike's habit.

Sanchez tells me there is a war between George Gavito and his brother Jorge for control over Mike and his money.  They both have big mouths according to Sanchez.  Sanchez also claims Cris Valadez as part of Carlos Cascos political machine getting ready for another run at County Judge is feeding him information on Mike every day.  I print none of it.

But the story here is not that any of this is true, because I have yet to receive an ounce of evidence any of it is true, so I assume it is all false, but it is reflective of the war behind the scenes to rid Brownsville of Mike Hernandez.  I report the good the bad and the ugly.  My hope is this story will stop the war of defamation by those who seek to take control not for the people but for themselves.

I so not support replacing one bad apple with another. So this is the warning shot - stop it because the BV will call you out and expose you.  I deal in policy - not desperate attempts to discredit someone so you can have the power while still leaving the people with nothing.

From Sanchez.:

" Home Boys just told to stop supplying hydro weed for mike.  No more." 

Well Sanchez seems to know who the home boys are dealin in drugs.  It may be time for the DEA to visit Sanchez.'

Sanchez is quick to blame George Gavito, Jorge Sanchez [his brother] and Cris Valadez for the source of his information.  When you ask him for proof he always asks for money or a free meal at the Sea Ranch on the Island.  $25,000 was the price of the picture of Mike doing drugs..

No more dear, there is no evidence to support any of this, but it goes to the schism.  Once a well run political machine is now divided by Galonsky going independent, and Mike Hernandez upsetting the balance.  So maybe in the end Galonsky and Hernandez helping to create this schism may bring good to Brownsville.

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BobbyWC said...

Offering people bribes and defaming them does not Mike a good person. He is a fraud and con. But nice try Norma.

Bobby WC