Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Before his banana shipment arrived this is what the typing monkey had to say about Rose Gowen and John Villarreal.

" Brownsville City Commission, the ones presently held by Rose Gowen, John Villarreal and Deborah Portillo, all three said to be puppets of ringmaster Mayor Antonio Martinez. All should be shown the door, defeated. That trio, a doctor and a tortilla mogul and a jeweler, have left nothing of any great significance in their political wake. Of the three, only Gowen’s pro-bicycle trails activism rates any sort of reading on the accomplishment scale, at that a barely discernible one. That title of “City Commissioner” has been soiled by these three do-nothings. In a just world, their shame would be worn openly. Here, however, they use the position as some sort of social crown, to be dragged-out and worn at this and that function, actual service to the community be damned."

As to why he attacks all politicians, well except now those supported by Mike Hernandez, the typing Monkey said.

"The Avenger does none of that. Indeed, we like to say we treat all politicians like dogs. And why do we do that? Because around here politicians believe themselves to be “special,” to think they gain office and can then look down at their community. We can think of not one Brownsville elected official who does not fit that description. 

It is amazing how for a few bananas you can buy the opinion of a typing monkey who is a failed journalist.

Rose Gowen's reputation is to ignore constituent calls and emails.  According to the typing monkey this is a bad thing, unless he has been sent a case of bananas and then his standard changes.

Rose Gowen ignored the problem with antibiotics coming from Mexico and left Mexico to fix the problem for Brownsville.  When as a doctor you ignore a medical problem in Brownsville and allow Mexico to fix it, it does not say much about you as a doctor.

Rose Gowen turns a blind eye to the HIV, Hep C and HPV crisis in Brownsville, as a doctor who can make a difference as an elected official.

Rose Gowen has done incredible damage to the small business person downtown with her Cyclopedia, by forcing them to shudder their businesses when she needs the streets.  The old golf course or the Sports Park are better venues, but Rose wants what she wants.

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Anonymous said...

Rose Zavaletta is the daughter of Coach Gus Zavaletta and the branch does not fall far form the tree. I can remember when he used to call meeting of the P.E dept at BISD and he would walk in whenever he pleased, but we were to sit there and wait and didn't dare to walk in late. De tal palo, tal estilla.