Monday, April 3, 2017



People close to Ben Neece were not happy with this post.  Everyone agrees he is friends with Abraham Galonsky, but are adamant he is not in any way shape or form tied to Tony Martinez, Carlos Marin, or Mike Hernandez.  I was told that Ben understands the people want some specific on issues. This has been my issue since day one with all of the candidates.  I am being told specifics are forth coming.  When the specifics are made known the BV  will publish them.  This is how we should decide elections - on issues.  But we need to force the candidates to give us an idea about what needs fixing and how we can fix it.  . My view is we do not need to agree with them on everything, but to take solace in the fact they have thought about the problems and are ready to try and move the city forward.  This is the standard we need to consider when we go to the polls.


Yes, Mikey boy has his trained monkey who can type playing the fake objectivity game for him.  Here is the deal about Mike Hernandez and this election he is a player in name only.  His support for any candidate will be the same as Tony Martinez and Carlos Marin, and it is the latter two getting people elected.  Mike Hernandez is nothing more than a third wheel with no purpose other than to be able to later  claim, look the candidates I back can win.  Without you Mikey the impending election results would be the same.  All you have done Mikey is break your promise to go after the villains, and instead bed down with the villains.


I took it this morning and held on the story until I had the picture.  The Central library is the nuclear center of early voting in any election.  The land across the street from the Central libaray is owned by Abraham Galonsky of the famed $2.3 million rip off know as Casa del Nylon.  

The bloggers and candidates all know you do not get to place a sign on his land unless he is backing you.


Ben Neece, Rose Gowen, and Joel Munguia.  Look, I have said and will continue to say if you care about Brownsville vote a blank ballot.  Just because it is clear Ben Neece is part of the Tony Martinez train, does not forgive John Villarreal of all his sins.  It would not shock me if the Martinez machine had Villarreal run as a distraction so his real candidate Ben Neece did not come off as being unopposed. 

Voting a blank ballot or not voting at all is voting.  By voting a blank ballot you are sending a message you want  better candidates.  If you keep on voting for people who will disappoint you, then you are chosing to vote against Brownsville.


Now because money buys how people blog, you will never read about Ben Neece's ties to Galonsky.  McHale and Montoya have repeatedly trashed Galonsky over the Casa del Nylon deal.  I can assure you to protect Ben Neece the story which has played for years will now become unimportant.  Stop reading the blogs - they are biased and bought.  The blogs are against the people of Brownsville.  When you have sacred cows it is the same as being bought.  I will say there is zero evidence Barton has ever been paid a penny by anyone, the same cannot be said of the other bloggers.

Remember how the BV tried reporting on how Carlos Elizondo even before the BISD election was changing sides and making his base mad, and the BV was unrelentlessly attacked by a paid blogger.  Now that same blogger attacks Elizondo regularly now that the checks have stopped.

Learn the facts and stop reading the lies, and the bought and paid for endorsements.  If you believe Galonsky cheated Brownsville, then you cannot vote for Ben Neece.  You must also demand that McHale and Montoya explain themselves on changing sides again to protect their income and friends.

Why is it you should vote against Rose Gowen and John Villarreal because they voted for Galonsky's Casa del Nylon rip-off, but vote for Galonsky's candidate Ben Neece?

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