Saturday, April 29, 2017


Early voting was 231.  This was a major drop.  But it is in line with a final total in the 6000 mark, if the tradition of early voting representing about 60% of the vote.

Guys you better get knocking on doors, because every vote is going to count.


Having effectively been raised without parents - dad died when I was 5 and mom when I was 19.  I can tell you I get on people who dismiss their parents.  Life is too short to dismiss your parents no matter how you feel at the moment.



And if you do not care about the Pope and his family, and you are a Spurs fan, the same goes for Mano Ginobili's family.  And if you have ED remember it was a Nicaraguan refugee who was the chemist on Viagra.


With a turnout on Friday of 426, we saw a sligh increase of  56 more voters.  My projection still holds we will see around the 6000 mark.  Of course by Tuesday depending on the final count my projection may change.  With on average 60 % of the votes being early votes, things are not looking good for a high turn out. This is about in the district races, the candidates getting their voters to the polls.

Friday, April 28, 2017


This could mean nothing. Tracking campaign money is impossible.  Unreported cash goes to politiqueras and others, and large donations are only reported at the last minute so as to hide the donor.  This is universal in campaigns in small communities.  So John could have nothing else, or a couple of thousand from some big donors who do not want their names out there until the last minute.  do not read into this as a lack of support.

The $600 was from two donors.  A tax company gave $500, and and Sofie Benavides gave $100

The other candidates could have filed today, and the city secretary simply was unable to upload them before 5 p.m.  Do not read anything into who has and has not filed according to the city web page..  


As is always the case your biggest donors are kept secret until after early voting starts. Naples Investment which does business with the city gave Rose Gowen $5,000.  Mike Hernandez gave Rose Gowen $2,000. Carlos Marin gave Rose Gowen $1,000.  To overcome these donations, Castro is going to have a lot of walkers getting out the word.  His FB page is just not going to get him over the top.  This is a lot of ad and mailer money.

There is nothing of note in William Garza's first campaign report.  His largest donation is $300.

I am very busy and will keep an eye on other reports as the city posts them.


You can always follow the reports by clicking on the top left hand corner of my web page, and the top right hand corner of the city page.

Ben's donations which include a $5,000 personal loan are coming from locals and local PACs. Here is the deal PAC and organization endorsements are only worth a few votes.  People do not always follow endorsements.

But for now what is interesting, Ben has been getting a lot of local money.  When a local person or business gives, they are more inclined to use their word of mouth or FB account to promote the candidate they donated to.

This is just one of many, many variables which go to getting out the vote.  This race such as the other racers are anyone's guess.  Every tool for getting people to vote will count in a low turnout race.


For now I am predicting a final total turnout of fewer than 6,000 votes.  It is not a firm rule, but typically about 60% of the vote is during early voting.period.  At the halfway mark we are at 1687. Thursday saw a turn out of 370, from a Monday high of 469.  At this rate of attrition the final numbers for early voting do not look good.  If tradition holds, and early voting represents 60% of the total vote, we could easily see a total turn out around only 6,000 votes.

I personally voted a blank ticket at New Horizon around 12:30 or so.  They  told me I was the second voter of the day - which explains their total of 18.  The day before they hit 32, which was their high for the week.


Well a good researcher with the proper tools to do real surveys could write a dissertation on the issue.

While Castro keeps on talking about Lincoln Park, a battle the bloggers won with the help of a lawsuit which included the revelation Rose Gowen voted to effectively give the park away to UT while she was employed by UT.  That story was broke by the BV and given to the attorney the night before the lawsuit was filed.  UT ran, and made it clear it wanted nothing to do with Mayor Tony Martinez, or former UTB president Julieta Garcia.

I can tell you the voters look at the Casa del Nylon deal and just shrug it off as "what's new?"

I will give John Villarreal one thing - Brownsville is booming.  But in terms of policy for downtown what needs to get done, John has proposed nothing and done nothing.  As Martinez's lapdog he could have withheld his vote on all issues Martinez, until meaningful reform was put in place.

In spite of the city, and Mike Hernandez declaring it was not possible, it looks like El Jardin may actually come back to life.  I personally hope once it is clear the reality is real  the city on its own will offer some major tax abatement while encouraging the other taxing entities to make the same offers. El Jardin can be the anchor which brings downtown alive again.  This reality has nothing to do with the city or the candidates.

The investment in downtown in terms of remodelling is real.  People who want to see a revived downtown are working with the Historical Society and others to restore buildings while not changing their original design.  There are so many private citizens working so hard on this, in spite of a city with no policy.

You see the people who own this town know only they can change it.  The city may some day catch up.  There is new construction everywhere.  Old shopping strip owners are having the facade of the buildings redone to look new.  It gives Brownsville a new look.

Boca Chica blvd during many times of the day is a parking lot.  Yes there are a few empty buildings, but new businesses are opening all of the time.

It is funny, the typing monkey quotes Villarreal saying Brownsville is a thriving city, which it is, and then he calls Villarreal a liar by implying our roads are filled with junkyard cars.  Not only do we have a new Toyota dealership, other dealerships have bought more land and rebuilt their main buildings.  New cars are selling like hot cakes on Brownsville, because our economy is booming.

So when the voter just looks around and sees what is happening in Brownsville and see they are doing better, their interest in politics feigns.

If the candidates had the type money needed to create real debates on the key issues of the day, the voter turnout would be larger.  You would be amazed even with the political signs how many people have no idea there is an election going on.  A water policy is essential for bringing in manufacturing jobs.  I can tell you, talking water policy will put a voter asleep faster than sedation.  No where in the country is it possible to speak of the real issues which build a city.  They are not bread and butter issues so the voters just move on.  And since our tables in Brownsville are filled with bread and butter, the voters have no interest in the election.

In terms of the voters' total number the blogs do not exist.  Only the BV has been consistently honest about this.  The other day the typing monkey claimed over a 100 comments he rejected related to Ben Neece.  The typing monkey is not even capable of devising a plausible lie.  No blog has ever gotten that many comments.

Even FB blogs do not get that number of comments.  Further comments with rare occasion is for the anonymous poster.  With the typing monkey to leave a comment you have to give your name, and email, People are just not going to do that.  It is all lies, and always has been all lies.

At this point it really does not matter if Mike Hernandez is funnelling the typing monkey money, the politicos believe it to be so, and Mike's reputation has been significantly diminished for it.  He hung himself.  So we left him to tell his endless lies about Brownsville because we knew Mike Hernandez would take the hit.

The BV which is always the case will provide the best election night coverage hands down, press and TV stations included.  Because of my training in statistical analysis for social science issues, I called Trnmp as president long before all of the polls closed or any news network called the election.  One North Carolina was lost it was clear working class Democrats were looking for something new.  Given the loss of jobs in states like Michigan and Trumps impossible promises, it was all over for Hillary.

The election in two years will be a lot more covered and exciting.  The potential candidates against Jessica Tetreau and Rick Longoria are lining up.  If Tony Martinez chooses to run for a third term he will have a plethora of opponents.  The question is, will it be the same old washed up candidates, or new faces with money and ideas which will move Brownsville forward at a faster rate.

We are moving forward in spite of a corrupt and inept city commission.  But with leadership we can boom along with Space X as its first launch finally comes a reality.

Oh, they did not allow for a write in candidate so I could not write in Don Rickles.  With no disrespect to the great Don Rickles since the at large race is one big joke, why not just vote for the best joke teller ever?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The first three days of early voting are 469, 436, and 412. While New Horizon and Good Shepherd saw a near 100% increase each, the Central Library saw a large drop.  

Again when you divide the turnout by 4 each district is maybe getting over a 100 votes.  Although I suspect the districts in play are getting more votes towards the total than the two districts not in play.

Guys, start knocking on doors.  With this kind of turn out, every vote is going to count for the district races.  

I've decided that on Thursday when I vote, if I can do a write in the best option for the At Large race is for me to write in Don Rickles.  That seems about right for the At Large Race.


With any luck Eddie Lucio and others are shitting bricks. To remind you Dannenbaum billed the Port more than $21 million for a bridge to nowhere.  The criminal investigation was dropped by now convicted Villalobos after Dannenbaum agreed to million dollar forfeiture to Villalobos' office instead of  the Port.

"Federal agents spent most of Wednesday combing through the Houston, Laredo, San Antonio and McAllen offices of Dannenbaum Engineering, the Bayou City-based firm headed by prolific political donor and former University of Texas System Regent James Dannenbaum."

At this time no news service or the FBI is claiming any wrong doing by Dannenbaum. As to Lucio without knowing the basis for the FBI's actions all he can  do is sit and wait.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The central library saw a slight increase, while the main office saw a more than 50% decrease.  Basically everyone else was stable more or less. New Horizon and the UTRGV Student Center also saw a small increase.  We went from 469 early voters to 436.  This election is going to require at the district level that the candidates get out their voters.  If you cannot get people to the polls you will lose.

There is no polling in Brownsville so no one can say who is winning and who is losing.  "Word on the street" predictions are as useful as used toilet paper.  All three races are any one's guess.  


After last night, although I hate thinking about it, when Buster passes I will go to the pound for two more puppies.  There is no better medicine or doctor than a dog.

Buster is the darker one. Keaton passed about three years ago from brain cancer. I always use this picture because I never want to leave Keaton out when I speak of Buster. 

People may not believe me, but I do believe Buster saved my life last night. I posted what follows to a member of my FB family's timeline who just lost one of their dogs.

Dogs are amazing and I feel sorry for people who do not get just how amazing dogs really are. 

At maybe 3:30 a.m this morning Buster put her paws up on my bed where my head was. She started to bark up a storm until i woke up. I was suffocating. CPAP/BIPAP's do not always work. It is not about the number of events, but the length of the event.  Even with a high pressure, it is not enough to get you breathing again.

I felt myself floating away. I could not wake up. Buster knew something was wrong, and kept on barking until I woke up. It was bad. My chest was killing me. My head was all disoriented. When i was finally able to get out of bed I realized what happened.

I was mad at Buster at first for waking me, but when I realized she would not go out, and just went back to her spot to go back to sleep I realized what she did. God dogs are smart. 

This sealed it. When she passes I will go to the pound for two more. Whenever I am sick Buster insists on sleeping in my bed, otherwise she prefers her own. She is so intelligent and protective.  I truly know how amazing dogs can be.  How did she know I was in danger.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Only 469 people voted on the first day of early voting.  While not an absolute rule, the largest turnout is on day one.  This means an average of 117 votes per each of the 4 districts.  If this pattern holds, this election will come down to who gets out their voters.  While the data available at this time only allows us to extrapolate, only about 117 people voted in each of the Neece Villarreal, and Garza Munguia races.  I suspect a city wide turnout of 8,000 after election day will be high.

People if you want to vote for someone you need to go vote.  This race will come down to every single vote.  Every vote will count.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Citizens:

There seems to be a misconception circulating about my position on "quality of life" projects in Brownsville, and, in particular, those revolving around Biking, in Brownsville. I’d like to make my position clear through this statement: Quality of Life: Yesterday, April 22, is good place to start. I attended, performed at, The event is held at the Linear Park, which is thand helped produce the 7th Annual Earth Day Festival, here in Brownsville. Shannon Guerrero, Rose Timmer and I developed and have worked on this event for 7 years. e origin of the Palo Alto Hike and Bike Trail. This year’s event was the largest and best attended of any of the past events. This is a positive event focusing on all of our citizens and our relationship to our Planet. The Farmer’s Market, which began after our first Earth Day Celebration, was part of the event, as it has been, in the past and benefited from the additional surge of people attending the Earth Day Event. If you want to see what a fantastic even it was look here {SEE ABOVE VIDEO}

Additionally, I was a member of the Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts for over 20 years, which organization was responsible for annual events, such as: the Latin Jazz Festival (20 yrs) and the Brownsville Guitar Festival (16 yrs). The BSPA produced dozens of other events over the last 22 years, including the annual Messiah Performances at the Performing Arts Theater. Although I have, recently, retired from the Board, I am still involved in the Performing Arts Academy Project and the BSPA Radio Station. These efforts have contributed, tremendously, to the quality of life Brownsville enjoys. I am, currently, a member of the Brownsville Historical Association, having previously served as its President, as well. The BHA has been an integral part of the quality of life in Brownsville.

We recently merged with the Historic Brownsville Museum to provide support to its museum, which joins our existing museums, nationally recognized resource center, archival unit, the Stillman House, Market Square and Alonso Building. The BHA has promoted Brownsville, in many ways, contributing, not only to our quality of life, but promoting Brownsville to academians and tourists, alike. Ozanam Homeless Center (Casa Romero): A little over 5 years ago, I started focusing my efforts to more humanitarian projects, after I was appointed to the Board of the Ozanam Homeless Center. I decided that it was time to devote my energy to the less fortunate of our community. We have instituted several programs toward that end and have maintained operations, even during fiscally challenging times. Recently, we were the beneficiaries of a generous donation to construct a Community Center, where we will have our first clinic on Immigration issues April 27, 2017. This and our downtown homeless initiative are real humanitarian programs that help the neediest of our citizens and residents.

Cyclobia: I am not against biking or cyclobia. I have issues about the location, i.e. downtown, instead of the Palo Alto Hike and Bike Trail. This is because I have heard the voices of the downtown merchants, who are suffering, rather than benefiting from the street closings during the events. I am opposed to closing heavily traveled traffic lanes for “bike lanes,” especially when “bike trails” are immediately adjacent to the “bike lanes.” This is not, in my opinion, an appropriate allocation of resources for our citizens. Many have expressed, to me, their displeasure with the increased traffic congestion caused by the traffic lane closures.

More input from the citizenry would be helpful in determining the proper allocation of municipal resources. Friends of the West Rail Trail: Recently, the Friends of the West Rail Trail have endorsed my opponent, which endorsement I recognize as their constitutional privilege. However, I would like to clarify my position, to assure that the Friends of the West Rail Trail are aware of it. It is not often that an opportunity like the one presented by the abandonment of the Union Pacific Railroad easement presents itself. These are long term considerations that cannot be easily undone. I understand the urgency of the Friends, because of loss of opportunity, after having suffered for so long with blocked train crossings, the sounds of the locomotives and the dangers involved in having a train pass through your neighborhood.

I have stated, in writing, to your leaders, and twice in public forums, that I SUPPORT a “car free” West Rail Trail. As stated, above, I helped develop usage of the Palo Alto Hike and Bike Trail, i.e. the Earth Day Festivals, and would do my best to develop the West Rail Hike and Bike Trail. My son and I spent many a wonderful time riding the bike trails, both on the Palo Alto and the Montebello “off road” trail, where we took our spills and spilled our blood, riding at Montebello. How does this affect District 4?

The Priorities of District 4 have not been met. Allowing the District to be "forgotten," regarding the growth of the city and revitalization of the Historic Downtown District is not acceptable.

 Necessities should come first, like adequate bus shelters, innovative approaches to downtown parking and security. Also, deregulation to facilitate new businesses openings downtown. Incentives for landowners to renovate their properties should be priority, as well. Having practiced law for 35 years I have dealt with many diverse problems and have found ways to solve them. It’s my job. I want to do that job for the citizens of District 4.

 I hope I have helped to clarify my position on these issues. Please feel free to send comments or questions to my website at:

Thanks for your consideration of me as your representative. Ben Neece


I swore I would not buy today's Herald for the political ads, but I did.  The three ads appeared in the following order.  Neece, Gowen, Castro.  All three were the same size. Neece's stands out because it is on the outside of the page.  I flipped through the front page section three times before I saw Gowens.  I was tuck on the inside of the page near the end of the front section.  Castro's is on the outside of the page, but not in the front section but instead in an insert promoting Brownsville,"fyi Brownsville."

In my view ads will only matter in close elections.  The At Large Election is the most difficult of the three. Getting enough walkers to go door to door for you in a city wide election is no easy task. Neither Gowen nor Castro sent a mailer which reached my home or that of any of my neighbors.  So in the end a newspaper ad may be the only way they have to reach a large section of the city, assuming people are buying the paper.

Gowens ad has approximately 41 lines of text.  I am sorry but I would never read that ad even for someone I support.  It is way too dense and long. Castro's ad has 17 lines of text.  More readable, but like Gowen's only typical political spillage. 

Ben Neece's ad has 25 lines of text.  In all ads I am counting all lines - even lines with a simple date.

The Gowen Castro race will come down to whether or not Castro's FB followers turn out.  In the past they have failed to turn out in every election in a way to get him elected. In the citywide mayor's race the turnout was dismisal for Castro.  Yes, it is true he got over 10,000 votes in the BISD race, but that race included a presidential race.  In his only city wide race he did not make it to the runoffs.

This race will come down to one thing and one thing only, will his FB lemmings vote? 

Friday, April 21, 2017


I will post any mailers I receive or are sent to me which go to the substance of the election. National public polling shows a disconnect between the people and elected officials.  This mailer hits that issue on the head.


The ads are placed with the Herald.  On Sunday we will see who has money and who does not.  The mailers went out yesterday or this morning.  The postal workers will be busy delivering mailers many will use for dust pans.  That is what I do.  But if the mailer is good, it will be read and could make a difference.

The good news is, we are at the 11th hour and this nasty election will be over soon.

Your choice is simple.  Vote a blank ballot to send a message you want better candidates.  I only get to vote in the At Large Election.

If you are happy with the state of affairs vote for Gowen, Villarreal, and Munguia.

If you cannot bring yourself to vote a blank ballot and are unhappy with the state of affairs vote Neece, Castro and Garza.

My readers do not need to be hand fed an endorsement and told how to think.  So do what you think is best for Brownsville and your family.  I hope your decision moves Brownsville forward, although I must say construction is everywhere in spite of a poorly managed city. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017


This is newsworthy at so many levels.  First a tropical storm in April is almost unheard of.  Second the fact the storm started off of the north Atlantic and is heading directly for Canada is highly unusual.  

But the Republicans keep saying nothing in the weather patterns is changing.


Arlene changed directions overnight and now has a projection of heading towards DC.  This storm is far enough out that it could die off well before any chance of landfall.  But the fact it totally changed directions overnight makes this storm for now completely unpredictable.  We can say Arlene is like the COB elections - it is any one's guess.


It has changed course again.  It now appears it is headed for the straits between Florida and Cuba.  It will not surprise me if it does a complete U-turn and heads to Europe.


According to Remi Garza, of the Cameron County Elections Office, since January only Erasmos Castro and Ben Neece have requested the list.

From Remi:

2 people have requested City of Brownsville Voter Lists.

Erasmo Castro and Ben Neece.

After voter registration closed the list was updated and the COB requested the updated list.  Remi Garza recommended I check with the city to see if any candidates requested the list from the city.  I will check with the city and as soon as I learn the answer I will post it.  This was the update I was waiting for the other day.


The BV has noted perhaps the most interesting part of this election is the schism Abraham Galonsky has created by not backing Tony Martinez's and Carlos Marin's candidate in John Villarreal. Any schism in a one political machine system is always good for the people. Mike Hernandez's entry into city politics has only widened that schism, which in the scheme of things is good for Brownsville.

Yesterday while out I got an earful over my suggestion Rose Gowen supports the mocking of overweight people.  It was made as clear as day to me she is not happy with Mike Hernandez and his meddling in her election with the help of the typing monkey.

I was told to demand he print any interview the typing monkey has with her.  Rose does not answer questions so the interview will not exist.  But if you remember not answering questions is a basis to dog a candidate, well unless it will anger your benefactor.

And please I do not want to hear it.  It is common knowledge George Gavito is passing the money so Mike Hernandez's paid bloggers can officially say Mike is not giving them the money.  We are not stupid Mike.  Mike if you have a problem with my words you might want to tell your drunk blogger to stop getting drunk in public bars and running his mouth.

Rose Gowen finds the jocular ramblings of the typing monkey offensive to Brownsville and the needs of Brownsville.  Her associate made clear she is angered by the attack on people with a weight problem.  She does not like the vulgar language.  She finds him a bore and wants nothing to do with him.

In fact Gowen is not happy with Carlos Marin's association with Mike Hernandez, so her associate says.  She remains silent other than with Tony Martinez on assurances things will change.

On my side, if the typing monkey could afford bus fair from McAllen Pharr he would know Brownsville is filled with new cars and trucks and as is his want because of some personal grudge he has against Brownsville he constantly lies and depicts Brownsville otherwise.

The BV has made clear so many times, you build a university or city based on their known assets.  I have made it clear, I am a strong supporter of our parks, trails and bike trails because they complement the best weather in the United States. But the downtown bike event hurts business and the venue should be changed to the old golf course or Sports Park.  Before someone is killed, the bike trail in front of the zoo should be removed.  It is beyond dangerous.  It cannot be safely used.  These have been my only complaints when it comes to trails and bikes.

While we enjoy a summer temperature of 94 and a gulf breeze. McAllen suffers under 110 degrees with no breeze.  Yes Brownsville can do better.  We need better hospitals.  Doctors Renaissance in Edinburg is a premier hospital with top of the line doctors.  We also need a book store.  When I have a hold over in Houston I love going to the book stores to check out new books so I can order  them on Amazon.  I would prefer to check out a book store in Brownsville and buy the books in Brownsville.

In the end this schism within the Martinez/Marin political machine is good for Brownsville.  On this note Galonsky and Hernandez did something good for Brownsville.  But Mike cannot help but make enemies for himself by associating with the blogs.  You cannot be associated with people who are caught all of the time posting false diatribes against local politicos and then ask why the local politicos dislike you so much.

Politics is like the show "Survivor" so long as you are useful, everyone is your friend, but the day you are no longer useful the knives come out and you are blindsided off of the game.  The blindside is coming Mike.  There comes a point too many politicos will go off on Tony Martinez for allowing this to continue, and Carlos Marin will have to take a stand.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


From the beginning Mike promised a new GED program.  The BV supported it while the bloggers he now pays [are you going to commit perjury George Gavito?] or has silenced trashed Mike's efforts.

As late as September 2016, Mike was promoting his GED program and his self aggrandizement.

From OP10.33 FB.  It is printed Mike so go ahead and delete it if you want.

"Great News...Cameron County Education Initiative, in partnership with OP 1033, has secured a 12,000 sq. ft. workforce training facility located at 3140 Ruben M. Torres Blvd.
The facility will be used to house our education and workforce training initiative. Our plans include the immediate launch of GED test preparation and Adult Literacy programs with an inaugural class launching in November. CCEI is committed to provide these programs at no cost to the students."

Well Mike could not pull it off.  He is still waiting for TEA approval. If and when the program is established if the right staff is hired it will be a welcomed and  desperately needed program for Brownsville. 

Now you can eventually enroll in a semi-free to free Construction Technology Program.  This is a non accredited program promoting itself as allowing you to attend without having to use any federal or state grants or loans as a benefit of them not being accredited .  They are not bound by federal regulations. 

For $400 more than Mike's program, TSC has the same training and is fully accredited. Your credits unlike Mike's program are transferable.  Mike has received some state approval which will allow  the program to seek out funding from various agencies.  Of course the agencies will have to agree to fund the student.  Mike concedes some students will have to pay part of the $4,500 for the course.

The program director says that the benefactor of the program is looking at setting aside some personal funds to help with scholarships.  She did not name the benefactor.  She just said benefactor.

In  technical training tools are always an issue along with books.  I am being told the program includes books and tools which  the students will be allowed to take with them after they complete the program. Without tools a lot of employers will not hire you. The tools are a good thing.  But the lack of accreditation may hurt the students.

In the end if the employers  see quality graduates, they will hire them independent of any accreditation.  

But I can tell you there are many great mechanics out there who cannot get a good paying job because they have no money for their own tools.  If in fact the students will leave the program with the necessary tools to do the job, it will be a plus in terms of finding a job. 

The program was fully vetted by the Texas Workforce Commission and approved as a workforce training program.

The April 24th start  date will be missed because they are still waiting for another approval.  Then they need to recruit students who will qualify for the non federal aid.

Here is my issue, why keep on promising the start of these programs  when you are not completely approved and have no sure fire funding for the students? the funding is 100% dependent on the student. It is good  PR for Mike Hernandez, but does nothing for the students.  the fact there is an unnamed benefactor willing to put up scholarship money is a good thing.

If any of these programs ever get off the ground in principle they are good.  But the final test will be  the graduation rate and if the students can find better paying jobs than they have now.

The programs better make sure the students  understand no credits will be transferable to another program.  Many students may start a program like this and decide they want to be a design engineer or architect, and in the case of this program unlike TSC's none of their credits will be  transferable and they will have to begin from scratch.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I went to Lowes for my attic insulation because they were offering 36 months at 3.9 interest.  A week ago they charged my credit card $3400.22 for the insulation.  Every day was another excuse for why nothing was happening.

Finally yesterday the installer verified the size of the living area for purposes of the price.  It was just under what I told them.

I was told they would be here today to do the installation.  This morning the company told me the crew would be here at 11 a.m.  A few minutes ago I realized they never showed so I called.  I was told the problem was Lowes and they would get back with me.

I called Lowes and they said they had no idea why the installer would schedule a time since they had not been formally sent the contract.  When I asked why she  said, Gilbert sends the contract and they have been unable to locate him.  It's been a week.

This is not my first round with this manager at Brownsville's Lowes.  An internet order was lost for weeks and she refused to help.  Only when I filed a complaint on her with corporate did anyone care.

So with the installer unable to perform the installation which I paid for a week ago because Lowes cannot find Gilbert I cancelled the order.

What blows my mind is Joy was very comfortable with me cancelling the order.  It was like it was a daily act for her.  This is not how you treat customers.  I have one payment left on my Lowes credit card for some gardening supplies I bought a few months ago, and then I am shredding the card.

Off to McCoys for the installation.


As I type I am waiting on the crew who are going to do the blow in for my insulation in the attic. This year for some people will be the last year I will do their taxes.  For low income people, including retirees, HR Block has a free program.  I do not charge for my services.

But this year the IRS started to require you include a driver's license number of state ID number.  I told people.  Well, yesterday those who chose to wait until the last minute to get an ID, or because they simply did not care about how their late participation would affect me, brought me their W2's and other documents  and several others brought them this morning.  So now my day is lost helping them.  When I finish their returns I will inform them I will not be doing theirs next year.

Also those who lost their previous years returns I will not be doing next year.  I keep no records.  I return their W2's or any 1099's along with their new tax return.  I staple a a sheet of notepade to the top left hand corner with their HR block username and password.  I keep no record of either.  All I ask is the following year they bring me the packet so my work is earier and I do not have to set up a new account.  It is too much to ask.

For the average Joe it is not hard.  They should be able to go to the library and click on the free HR block program and just fill in the blanks.

What really got my goat was the person who blocked out their social security number and refused to provide me with an ID.  I told them I could not do their taxes without the numbers.  They said they would report me to HR Block.  I gave them the complaint number.  Some people you just cannot help.



I am waiting on someone to provide some information which will add to this post in terms of money.

When I get it, I will post it here under update.

In most cases the Herald has a deadline of Wednesday for Sunday's ads. The candidates with money I am sure are finalizing their Sunday ads now.  Those with real money are getting their mailers out.

Early voting is Monday.  Late evening Remi Garza will post the turnout for Monday.  The numbers will be a strong indication of the type turn out we can expect.  During the presidential election the first day of early voting was not the largest turnout.  So we can have days with even bigger turnouts than Monday.

On Sunday we will know who has the resources to take this to the end.  I am not sure if ads work, but the candidates believe they do.  On more than one occasion someone would call me and ask what I thougth of so and so's ad.  This is when I would still buy Sunday's paper to see the ads.  I no longer waste my money.  Even though back then I had bought the paper I would tell the caller I honestly did not see the ad.

The placement of the ad and design are key.  I would not even consider an ad which was in a letter form with some long diatribe against their opponent.

The best ads are one sentence truthful claims.  You can have 10 one sentence claims with an asterisk or large black dot next to each of them. That is fine.  Just do not do it as a long narrative

So today the candidates with money will be finalizing their ads, while second guessing themselves if the ad is done properly.

If the candidate fails to produce an ad or send out mailers, then it is fair to say they do not have the money to take this race to the finish line, and that may be a valid indicator as to who will win.

I know of one candidate who claims to have an army of walkers going door to door with push cards.  Based on my personal reaction, with no scientific evidence to support the claim as being universal to all voters, the door to door campaign for me is the most effective.

In researching the issue experts say D2D as they call it can hurt you, or is the single best option in a small local election, so who knows.

Monday, April 17, 2017


You see here, Robert Sanchez's text messages.  You see me telling him other people have to be part of this battle.  He clearly made the hydro weed comment concerning Mike.  He clearly stated Mike Hernandez is buying cars and politicians all over Texas. Bribing politicians with cars is a felony.  A serious charge which Mike if he cared about shutting down real defamation would end by suing Sanchez, but he will not.  he will use this clown to did his hole deaper. His claims concerning Mike Hernandez and governor Abbott are just bizarre.

I cannot have it both ways, I said he lied to me about Mike concerning the drugs, and I must say anything coming out of his mouth is highly suspect.  The questions is how much pressure did Mike Hernandez put on Sanchez and Montoya to print more lies.  We know money is being passed to Montoya.  Sanchez is just a coward and had Montoya write him a letter to avoid being sued by Mike. 

Well Mike I am going to publish all of Robert Sanchez's claims about you and according to him your relationship with Governor Abbott.  When will you get it Mike, the bloggers like Montoya and the typing monkey are destroying you.  I did not get Robert Sanchez held in contempt over his bizarre claims about his ex wife, that was Montoya.  You are heading there Mike and in the process you are going down a path of complete and total self destruction.

Mike Hernandez has no bigger enemy than himself

Concerning the other bogus story and Mike's $100,000, donation to TSTC for scholarships - it's pure bullshit and a fraud and a con.  There is no law which says I cannot set up a scholarship fund for any community college.  I do not need TSC's permission and no trustee can stop me.  So blaming Dr. Zavaletta for TSC not getting scholarship money for TSC students is just Mike Hernandez settling an old score. If he wants to give the money all he has to do is set up a scholarship[ fund the students can apply to.  

Mike has a score to settle with TSC so he uses lies and deception to blame the trustees for his decision to deny Brownsville students access to the same money.  Mike wants power, so he holds out the money for power.  If you say no he punishes the children.


I never called Robert Sanchez to advise him on his divorce.  He was paying Montoya to attack me for covering the divorce when it was out of control and the children were caught in the middle,  So Why in gods name would i call him?  Montoya then turns around at Sanchez's request and posted claims about Sanchez's wife which got him held in contempt and nearly sent to jail.  This is documented fact.

Now after he was held in contempt Sanchez would call me to defame Mike Hernandez, his soon to be ex wife, and Rene Oliviera.  See Texts below.

Every time he would go into his wife I would tell him the same thing.  Stop it.  Stay off of the internet,  Stay away from Montoya.  Just let it play out.  

Know if you want the truth in his own words how he feels about George Gavito and Cris Valadez, just read his text messages.  In fact he told me his source told him Governor Abbott told Cascos to resign on his own or he would be asked to resign.  

You see Mike Hernandez will never understand how dangerous it is to pay a convicted drunk and threaten the town clown when it comes to politics.  All of his text message which I am posting today prove the letter Montoya wrote for him, who is on Mike Hernandez's payroll, is one big lie.

Why is Mike not suing Sanchez for defamation?  Maybe Sanchez can prove some of his claims.  Or is it Sanchez being the coward he is agreed to be party to Mike's dirty work in exchange for not being sued.


All of the above text messages from Robert Sanchez prove he is a liar.  Rather than deal in the evidence the typing monkey says of Sanchez lies in his pathetic attempt to defend himself

" Other than that, it was cheap gossip he was defending, and he did it well."  Now exactly how did he defend well the claims, when the claims are all here for anyone to read?  Well as is always the case with the typing monkey as is the case with Mike Hernandez, settling a score will always be more important than facts or reality.

Now answer the question, typing monkey, who is paying you.  You attack McHale and Montoya for accepting money and then hide the name of the person paying you,  How about a little transparency typing monkey?


The below texts to Sanchez from me tell the story of my advice to him.  Stop engaging the children about what his wife is saying and stay off the internet.  Solid advice.  He was obsessed with trying to get me to pick up where Montoya left after after Sanchez was held in contempt.  I refused.  The small part of the last text from Sanchez is the BPD FB page of someone his ex wife knows.  I refused to post it.

What all of these texts show is, every word Montoya wrote from Sanchez is a lie.  Sanchez did go after George Gavito.  He did go after Cris Valadez.  He did go after Carlos Cascos.  He did go after Mike Hernandez.  But Montoya for a plate of shrimp was all too willing to print the lies.  I have the post printed.  I also have the comment posted by Sanchez printed.  I know Sanchez.  I will get him in the stand and he will say it was all Montoya, but hey dude the original post is from you.  Nothing from here on out will be considered trustworthy when it comes to Sanchez.  But to defend Sanchez's debacle over this the typing monkey says.

" Other than that, it was cheap gossip he was defending, and he did it well."   No Maria, text messages from Robert Sanchez are not cheap gossip in journalism and law it is called verified evidence - something always lost on failed journalists.

Objective reporting my ass.



March 6 at 3:57am
What are your thoughts on the stray animals of Brownsville. The irresponsible pet owners. Animal abuse and how perpetrators should be punished? A new animal shelter?

Rose Gowen, Commissioner At-Large "B"
Rose Gowen, Commissioner At-Large “B”
Hello, sorry so slow…just catching up on my posts. I have a black lab and unfortunately lost my golden retriever a couple years ago. I love pets and I appreciate pet owners who are responsible. I would love to see a couple of dog parks in Brownsville one day! They are fun for both the pets and the pet owners!
Reply · 1 · March 11

Where in her answer does Gowen answer the question.  Nowhere. 

Now the typing monkey says he goes after politicians who refuse to answer questions - but wait unless the person who is paying him would not like it.  The difference between the paid and bought for typing monkey and McHale and Montoya is, we know who is paying them, but the typing monkey while attacking McHale and Montoya for taking money proudly announces his benefactor chooses to remain anonymous.

Let's look at the language copied and pasted into he post on the subject.

"The individual who made the donation only asked that we continue with objective news reporting and with maintaining a high standard of writing. We agreed to withhold his identity."

Further from the typing monkey on journalistic ethics.

"But any first-year Journalism student knows early-on in his classroom studies that there are clear and unbending ethics that must be honored. The one applying to reporters is that you do not take money from people or organizations you are writing about. Simple. No wiggle room. No exceptions."

Finally from the typing monkey:

"It tends to make the reporting suspect from the get-go. Those supporting the reporter see no problem with this because the reporter taking the cash is doing their bidding. That renders objectivity useless. It also cheats the reader out of honest news, something that is hard to find in this town from its bloggers. "


When Mike Hernandez offered the BV money to promote his port candidates, the BV when public immediately while rejecting the money.  The same cannot be said of McHale, Montoya, and the typing monkey.

When the typing monkey outright published lies about Ben Neece's residence downtown, he never retracted the story when it was proven the google picture of the gate did not have an address on it as the typying monkey claimed, or that the business owner downstairs verified Ben Ben Neece lives upstairs.  Not needing bus money from McAllen/Phar, I was able to make inquiries about the residence.  The back is his personal residence, the front is his coffee business, and in time will be some type music venue.  All the typing monkey had to do was get on the bus and walk the beat and asked the business owners and they would have given him the facts.  But John Villarreal and the typing monkey's benefactor were not interested in facts, so leaving the comfort of his laptop for an investigative bus ride to Brownsville was not required.


In terms of my side of town Erasmo Castro has at least 4 or 5 times the number of signs as Rose Gowen.  But we are old Brownsville.  Do we not matter to Rose Gowen?  She has the platform to educate the people about HIV, Hep C, HPV, the  Zika virus, and the dangers the mosquito sprays present to pregnant women and children.  Not a word.  Apparently as a so called doctor these issues do not matter.  If she does not are about any of these health crisis issues, why would she show any sympathy on the endless inhumane slaughter of homeless animals in Brownsville while also proposing no solution.  This is the only election I get to vote in, and I am voting a blank ballot.


The first thing I told Mike Hernandez was to ignore the blogs.  He has to be in control so even though unless it is an incredibly close election the blogs have zero impact on the election, Mike needed to take control of the blogs.  Not the BV..  If the candidates he is backing win he will claim blog support.  But as is almost always nearly the case with Mike he lies because that is all he has.

He spent a fortune on deceptive ads for OP10.33 and got nowhere.

If his candidates lose, the BV will not claim credit,  In terms of the voting population, the blogs do not exist.  But Mike needs control, so he pays for coverage which will get him nowhere.  But he  will claim  the blogs delivered him victory if his candidates win - proof - none - because Mike does not operate on proof - just a compulsive need for control.

Mike does injury to himself by associating with  the blogs, but then blames his poor performance on everyone else.  In the world of reality this is the epitome of a consummate loser.

Saturday, April 15, 2017



I had just moved to Texas in 76' when shortly thereafter NY's highest court found it was a form of discrimination to allow men to go topless and not women.

Here is my confusion, a flat chested women, or a women who has undergone a full mastectomy, will be arrest in most of the US if they go topless, but a man with triple D boob's will not.  Come on guys this is stupid.

On the transgender front, are transgender men allowed to go topless since they have undergone a full mastectomy, but still have a vagina, but a women who has had a full mastectomy because of cancer cannot?  Are we going to say the transgender man with a beard and vagina is okay, but the woman  without the beard is not.  Now before I hear it, I accept the transgender man as a man, but the issue of the vagina is still there.  Now personally I think there is zero evidence a vagina or penis has anything to do with gender.  So if I am a transgender man, who has not had the surgery but have a beard, am I okay to be topless on the beach?

Look, I get our society has sexualized the female breasts.  But we can undo this damage by desexualizing the female breast by making them equal to men.

Bela's little brothers would not know the difference at their age if all of a sudden women were topless at the beach.  They would grow up thinking nothing of it.  How is that bad?

For the resst of you it is time you tell your sons, women are not sex objects and breast are  a wonderful gift from God to allow mommies to feed their babies.

I love the unofficial nude beach on SPI, because nothing is sexualized.  The fact most of us are over 50 helps.  When onlookers keep on driving back and forth we will take down their plate numbers and not think twice about approaching their cars and telling them we will report them as perverts and post their picture to the internet.  The problem is theirs not ours.

Texas law on this issue is very complex.

Texas law is very vague on the issue and in reality unenforceable if challenged in court.

Sec. 21.08. INDECENT EXPOSURE. (a) A person commits an offense if he exposes his anus or any part of his genitals with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, and he is reckless about whether another is present who will be offended or alarmed by his act.
(b) An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor.
So if I go to Boca Chica and lay out naked strictly as a nudist while reading a book, am I breaking the law? They have to prove "intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person." Also how do you prove reckless? But the bottom line the law as written so long as their is no sexual intent, public nudity on the beach is permissible. Now to my readers other than the unofficial nude beach on SPI [10 miles north of access 6] I would not chance it.
We have to desexualize the human body if we are to make women equal and safer. Parents need to tell their children the human body is beautiful. Growing up fathers and son would take showers together at the public pool in the horseshoe showers. No one thought anything about it. It also opened the door for the father to be able to know when their son was ready to have the changes he was going through better explained to him. Today, that father could possibly be charged with a crime if a mother in a divorce decided to make an issue of it.
Free the human body, and stop making it into something sexual instead of humans most natural and beautiful state.
"(10) exposes his anus or genitals in a public place and is reckless about whether another may be present who will be offended or alarmed by his act;"
You will note even for this class C crime there is no mention of breasts.
First of all unless the person bends over and spreads eagle, you cannot see their anus, so a woman placing a strip over their vaginal entry and a man wearing a cloth cup over his penis and scrotum would be in compliance with the law. The pubic area is not part of your genitalia.
Since the code does not define genitalia, the courts more likely than not would go with the medical definition.
"Genitalia: The male or female reproductive organs. The genitalia include internal and external structures. The female internal genitalia are the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina. The female external genitalia are the labia minora and majora (the vulva) and the clitoris. The male internal genitalia are the testes, epididymis, and vas deferens. The male external genitalia are the penis and scrotum".  See Source
In Austin women can go topless wherever men can go topless. But you rarely see it - probably because people do not know it is legal. But many who do know it is legal just want to know they are equal and then choose to not go topless.