Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I hope to finish my work on the case that has me all consumed by this weekend.  At that time if anyone who had their rights violated by Pinocchio Mustache Bañales is willing to work with me I will prepare the complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct to have his judicial credentials removed, to be copied to the Administrative Judge so the evidence will show she knows exactly what is happening under Pinocchio Mustache Bañales, and to the criminal section of the FBI in Washington which investigates criminal civil right violations under 18 USC 241 and 242.

We fight or roll over.  I will do the work, but the victims will have to sign off on their affidavits and the complaint.

From Jim Barton:""Defense Attorney Ernesto Gamez conferred with the two prosecutors and then the three men approached Judge Banales.  Banales quickly dismissed the jury.

"Do we have a blogger in the courtroom?  If so, please stand up and state your name," asked and ordered Banales.

"Jim Barton."

"Are you aware that it is against the law to blog from this courtroom using an electronic device?" Banales asked.


"Are you doing so?" asked the judge.

"No.  My cellphone is off and in my pocket."

I wanted the judge to have the bailiff note that my cellphone was off, but he simply warned:  "You will face a $500 fine and up to 180 days in jail for each occurrence,  Then, he called the jury back in."

I am commenting based on what was reported.  If these facts are accurate Judge Bañales needs to be criminally prosecuted, and have his judicial credentials removed.

First, it appears Gamez instigated the event.  It also appears Gamez had zero evidence to prove his claim, but simply wanted to stop reporting he decided would not be favorable to his client.  For his acts the State Bar needs to take action.  I will also help with that complaint. Once Bañales learned he was played by Gamez he should have held Gamez in contempt for manipulating the court and bringing its intergrity wrongfully into question.  He needs to hold Gamez in contempt for his actions and then recuse himself from the case. 

Pinocchio Mustache Bañales being devoid of any knowledge of proper judicial proceedings immediately went for the kill with no evidence on the record which could be used to hold someone who commits perjury accountable.  If Gamez had evidence Jim Barton was in contempt of the court's instructions an honest judge would have sworn him to testimony of same.  Pinocchio Mustache Bañales chose it ignore Barton's right to confront his accuser.

Barton was brilliant in offering to have the bailiff inspect his phone.  So in the end Gamez was a liar for the sole purpose of trying to control freedom of the press, and Pinocchio Mustache Bañales went along with it because he has nothing but contempt for Freedom of Speech.

We are well past the time for this show to end and for the case to be retried in Nueces county where both Marisa Hernandez and Mary Tipton can be assured of a fair trial.  There must be a new judge.

Remember Bañales and Gamez, the FBI can and will force Saenz to appeal any dismissal of the case based on each of your own conduct.  Bañales and Gamez had every right to have this case moved to Nueves county and did not.  You cannot know a fair trial is impossible and then refuse to move it so that you can later  justify its dismissal.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Guzman or any other prosecutor supposed to stand up for the victim and their family? I would think he'd be saying exactly what you say.

BobbyWC said...

My hands are tied right now in terms of speaking with Ralph. But when this case is done if he wants my help we are going after Saenz Banales and Gamez for violation of the victims rights statute

Anonymous said...

Someone says to the judge that he thinks someone may be blogging from the courtroom. The judge asks if this is so. When told "no" the judge says okay but if you do this is what could happen. Oh, the horror. An issue, real or not, was handled in an expedient way and disposed of. No wonder you want to challenge his credentials. A real lawyer/judge would have had a hearing, involved investigators, taken statements and otherwise spent days and dollars on this issue.

BobbyWC said...

No one is buying your excuse. It would have taken 30 seconds to have Gamez state into the record he saw a blogger blogging. With a 30 second sworn statement judge banales would have had a duty to verify. 60 seconds of the courts time is nothing compared to the court trying to curtail free speech

Anonymous said...

There cowards..