Thursday, March 23, 2017


What the hell is going on? I reread "Political Thinking" to regain focus.  Social media is by no means a scientific measure of what is happening with the American people or even the world.  But with FB through your friends and family you begin to gain an insight.

Then there is the news media, which has been reduced to repeating the same inflammatory stories over and over again from a different angle.  People, people in this country have real problems, but the national news media seems to feel they have to point out daily Trump is a horrible president and a liar.  Well if you have not come to that conclusion yet, you are probably too stupid to read anyway.

And I do not want to hear "Hillary this and Hillary that."  I did not support her and if I had a daughter I would have fought even hard against her because she is the last person I would want my daughter to look to as a role model as the first female president.

I also do not want to hear about the Democrats.  I am done with them.  You want to blame someone for Trump - blame Hillary and the Democrats.  They gave us Trump by dismissing the American people as lemonistic followers of the Democrats because Trump used the word pussy.  Well news flash for the Democrats - Bill Clinton sullied the oval office by having sex with a White House worker in the oval office, while married to Hillary.


It is hopeless and it no longer exists.  Lawyers as a class and judges as a class are free to do as they damn well please and there is nothing any one can do about it.  There are some good judges and lawyers, but they know if they speak out their careers will come to an end.  So they do their best to do justice when they can.

Things are so bad the Texas Supreme Court absolutely refuses to recognize federal law as to US Supreme Court jurisdiction.  In all civil cases, petitions for writs of certiorari in cases to be taken to the Supreme Court from courts of appeals or from state courts must be filed within 90 days after the entry of judgment. See 28 U.S.C. §§ 1254, 1257, and 2101(c).  The Texas Supreme Court has changed federal law to now limit the time to appeal to 30 days.  They cannot do this, but who is going to stop them?  

For certain matters the US Supreme Court and federal law require certain motions be presented to the Texas Supreme Court during this 90 period.  The Texas Supreme Court will not accept the filings after 30 days, screw federal law.  The problem -  they have no competently trained lawyers or judges.  We are at a point a political decision is made, and that is it.  They do not even look to the law.


I keep on hearing why are the same stories played over and over again?  My answer is the same every time.  There is nothing new to report.  How many times do you need to hear about the Casa Del Nylon debacle before you understand it?  How many times do you need to hear about the ring mess at BISD before you understand it?  

The BV does not break many stories any more for one simple reason.  I have spend a lot of money researching evidence and buying documents through open records.  No one cares - we have a police chief running cover for officers who turn a blind eye to prostitution so long as they can get a little head for free.  We have a police chief who promotes officers who compromise evidence in wrongful death cases.  We have a police chief who bends over on command by Saenz and refuses to file the proper paperwork in criminal cases because Saenz says so.

We have TAB telling me they will not issue a citation to the owner of International Bingo for selling beer without a license and to a minor because they know he gives enough money to Saenz to keep from being prosecuted.  

The readers know this town is one big freaking criminal enterprise.


Not worth my time.  Social media is a powerful medium if used properly.   What are the issues?  For 12 years I called for robotics training to bring manufacturing jobs to the area.  TSC trustees just drooled and said "What?"  It took the governor to see the incompetence of our local yokels to bring us the robotics training center so we can attract jobs.

What is our water policy?  Why is there dead silence over Space X going quiet and refusing all public information requests by all news organizations when it comes to Brownsville.

Why is there dead silence over the airport mess and Brownsville's inability to meet Space X's need for a 10,000 linear foot runway in time for their first launch?  Has Space X realized Brownsville's leadership is hopeless and going to move its Brownsville operations to the launch pad provided to them by NASA which had been closed down for years?

Dead silence on calling for outside criminal investigations into the inside dealing by Tony Martinez.  Are the pathetic candidates too afraid of the powers that be to call for an investigation?

In my opinion the only election which is undecided is Neece v. Villarreal.  I do not get to vote in that one. Has either candidate even noted issues, let alone the ones I mentioned.

We need change will not get people to vote.  After this Trump mess I think people are just done with voting.  This is one thing I am for sure getting from social media.


I will not repeat the same stories day in and day out.  Yes I have done a lot of posts on the Mary Tipton case.  But there is an ongoing trial with a multitude of problems which need coverage.  I unfortunately am working long hours on other civil right issues.  I have not been to the trial.  I am covering it based on the coverage by other people.  I hope to have a story on a TV station which was asked to leave the courtroom.  I have independent confirmation from several sources, but not the reporter and until I have her side, I have no story.


Exposing corruption in this town and county is like pissing in the wind.  You will make no headway because at every level, the corruption exists and there is no one to fight it.

The bloggers will do their best to cover it, but I can tell you my readers are tired of it and very tired of reading the same story over and over again because we are not getting out there and reporting on the people.

Ring a bell?  That is how the Democrats lost.

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