Monday, March 6, 2017


I am a funny bird when it comes to age.  I see each year as a new adventure.  I am stoked that in one year I will be 60.  I just know there is a great adventure around the corner for me.

Well I am going on to two weeks being sick. There is nothing the doctors can do.  A cold morphed into a sinus infection.  My fever is not high enough to justify an antibiotic, so I suffer.  People have given me a ton of home remedies.  Nothing works.  I tried chewing ginger - nothing.  I tried a teaspoon of honey in the morning and at bed time, nothing.  The remedies go on and on.  I am doing the sinus rinse twice a day in hopes of clearing out the infection.  It only seems to be getting worse. 

 My sister said hers lasted 6 weeks.  My brother's after three weeks who also ended up with a sinus infection ended up in the hospital with sepsis. Two more days and I will see a doctor in Matamoros for an antibiotic.  The VA because my fever is not high enough will not treat the sinus infection with an antibiotic.  Their reason which I agree with is the super bugs which are resistant to antibiotics.  

Well a friend is taking me to breakfast.  I will then try and work for a few hours and off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Sir.
Hope it brings you HEALTH.
He who has health is not only healty but wealthy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bobby! Thank you for all you do.. well wishes for a speedy recovery! ☺

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and be well!