Friday, March 31, 2017



Elsewhere where facts are deemed only good for toilet water, I will tell you in the Russian inquiry, General Flynn asking for immunity means nothing.  While the matter is serious but funny at the same time, I do believe there are some who are prepared to indict a ham sandwich in order to damage Trump.  An innocent act or mistake can be turned into a felony charge which under normal circumstance would not even be considered by prosecutors.  So in a case like this every competent attorney will tell a client like General Flynn to demand immunity.  It is like putting on underwear in the morning - it is normal and means nothing.

But like the trash journalism which owns all national outlets and the blogs, a headline of Flynn asks for Immunity means he is guilty is nothing more than a hot headline to bring you unto a bullshit fake story.


Yesterday Senators and news media where shocked Russian operatives were used to place fake news stories in fake twitter accounts and news sources. I laughed so hard I pissed my pants.  The fact our Senators are feigning ignorance to this practice tells me they are play games to make Trump look bad or they are incredibly stupid.  This has been the reality for years.  Both main political parties do it every day.  I have blocked their fake news from my FB page.  I look at CNN as a good joke.  Their headlines are basically misleading to draw you into a non-existent story.  


Yesterday Castro posted to his FB page  he is open to talking with everyone, unlike his opponent Rose Gowen.  Well this statement is true except for the 100's of Brownsville residents he blocks because they will now bow down and worship him.  This is the election.  It is all bullshit and if you want to change Brownsville vote a blank ballot and tell all of your friends to vote a blank ballot. The numbers will show up in the tally.  When they compare the number of votes to the number voting for a candidate they will see how many blank ballots were cast.  The candidates will know and then maybe in two years qualified people with real ideas will run.

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Joseph Fielding said...

You are so right about the major news outlets. I can learn more by watching Cartoon Network. If Cameron County doesn't find and elect capable and honest officials, it deserves what it gets. An elected official represents the public that voted for him/her. The official represents the voter, he is his spokesperson and if he is corrupt, the voter is just as corrupt; they are inseperable. I take offence with corrupted officials and the voters who placed them in office.