Saturday, March 4, 2017


I only post Rene's picture and will not allow for the posting of the woman's name because she is not a public figure.  Look if a couple wants to have an open relationship and sleep with other people, that is their decision, and I am okay with it.  Sex is what it is.  But when you are an elected official and are having an affair with a married women, and in fact engaged to be married to her before a final order of divorce from the previous marriage has been signed we have a character and judgment issue.

Smart money would have meant being silent for a good 6 months after the divorce order is signed. The fact they are already engaged while a final order of divorce is pending means Rene was involved with a married woman.

This is for sure an election issue in the next election.  If he has so little regard for family and the institution of marriage why should we trust him to represent us?  The divorce rate is so high because we are so obsessed with the genitalia of those getting married while never talking about the institution of marriage and what it really means.

No I will not allow comments on the woman, her family and most certainly her children.  You know I told each and every client that during the divorce no dating.  I had a firm rule, if there were children, and I found out they were bringing men or women around, I would withdraw.  

Divorce is very hard on children and the mother having an affair with another man while she is technically still married only leaves the children even more confused. The same goes for the father. It also creates an alienation towards the biological father.

I feel sorry for the children.  Two parents who can think of no one but themselves.

During my last relationship over 13 years ago, I was the victim of cheating.  I am proud of my near 13 years of abstinence.  It means I have self control and discipline.    

Finally I will not allow for comments concerning Rene's past.  He seems to be claiming a new leaf with this woman and I will give him the benefit of the doubt, except on his poor judgment in dating a married woman with children.

Now any lapses in judgment from this day out are fair game.


Anonymous said...

Pos congrats
Birds of a feather flock together
Obviously they are aware of each other's lack of intrgrity, judgememt, and ethics. Que diosito los ayudo. Y felicidades en serio.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine how an elected official, who is supposed to set an example for society, instead assaults the institution of marriage with his intrusion into a marriage that involves children, in total disregard to the spectacle, an elected official becomes when he interrupts a marriage in the savage way, Mr. Oliveira did and who we saw in the courtrooms where this divorce civil matter took place, using his political influence and disrespecting a civil matter where he was neither the husband or the wife, but the intruder who wrecked the marriage, who many of us will not be voting for ever again.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is an attorney who has been sanctioned over the Limas trial. What a guy to represent Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

The State Bar of Texas has publicly reprimanded state Rep. Rene O. Oliveira for professional misconduct arising from the federal inquiry into ex-404th state District Judge Abel C. Limas.

Oliveira also agreed to pay $1,500 to cover the State Bar’s legal fees and expenses in the disciplinary proceeding.

Anonymous said...

Ni ethics no morals no vote