Thursday, March 16, 2017


Justice must have the appearance of justice, and in this case that appearance of justice was lost long ago.  It is absolutely time the DOJ charge Judge Bañales with criminal conduct under 18 USC 242 for violating Ralph Tipton's absolute constitutionally guaranteed right to speak out against the irregularities by the state in the prosecution of the death of his wife.

We know through the trial and convictions of former DA Armando Villalobos and Judge Abel Limas, along with many attorneys justice is bought and sold in this town live cheap whores on any downtown street corner.  When a judge silences political dissent against such conduct the only real remedy is to charge, convict and incarcerate said judge.  In this case it is judge Bañales.


I know this is futile.  No one cares until it happens to them, and then as we saw in the case of Tony Yzaguirre and Sylvia Atkinson instead of taking the evidence of corruption by the DA's office and in Sylvia's case the corruption at BISD they just use it to their advantage and leave the people to suffer.

So I will try but fail and ask that someone since it cannot be Ralph Tipton organize a protest in front of the court house starting Monday morning with pictures of Mary Tipton demanding justice, and signs demanding the indictment of Bañales, Saenz, Gamez, and Hernandez for obstruction of justice and denying Mary Tipton her right to justice.

Yea it will never happen.  The people will wait to read what is happening on the blogs like they do with reality TV, because engagement for their own protection and the protection of their children is too much to ask of the people.

It is not that we demand corruption.  The problem is, reality TV is the only thing we seem to be engaged with.

Remember people it is you who have now told all of your neighbors with a bag of popcorn in hand it is okay to watch your daughter being raped in the alley while they do not so much as call the police.

I tell people on FB all of the time, stop posting snippets you care.  Posting snippets you care prove nothing.  Put yourself on the line, get off your ass, and actually do something.

Yes, I get it, until you are the victim it is not your problem.  When that stray bullet kills your child remember it is you who pull the trigger and no one else. How we became such an uncaring nation is beyond me.


Gamez a very seasoned attorney had every right to seek a court order that all of the evidence against his client in the civil case be sealed until after the criminal case.  Gamez, and no one else chose to allow that evidence out.  He did it to be able to allege an unfair trial.  Gamez had control over his client to not sue Ralph Tipton while the criminal case was pending. Gamez did nothing and then sought to use Ralph's defense of himself to argue his client cannot get a fair trial.

Judge Bañales knows full well Gamez corrupted the system to the advantage of his client, but yet remains silent and goes after Ralph Tipson for an agreed gag order which Saenz and Gamez created to insure Ralph Tipton shuts up about about the corruption in this case.  In the issuing of the agreed gag order Judge Bañales affirmed a criminal conspiracy under 18 USC 242 to violate Ralph Tipton's civil rights while Bañales, Gamez, and Saenz insured Tipton remained gagged as to the corruption and irregularities in the case.

Judge Bañales as mandated by the US Constitution which Judge Bañales, DA Saenz and Ernesto Gamez hold in contempt, denied Ralph Tipton any notice or opportunity to respond in defense of his constitutionally protected right to free speech.   Compounding this mess is former judge De Coss, and thank god he can now only run roughshod over the people in municipal court, banned Ralph Tipton from filing anything in the case even as incident to defending his constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech.  The court does have some authority here to impose some level of gag order, but not in an over broad manner via an unconstitutional ex parte hearing wherein Ralph Tipton was denied any opportunity to speak to his rights or defend himself.

It is well beyond the time for the FBI to act.

This case is so ripe for indictment against Judge Bañales, Luis Saenz, Ernesto Gamez, and Marisa Hernandez for obstruction of justice the stench from the rotting fruit has stunk up the court house to make it impossible to go in the court house.

I will do my best to be at the trial.  But Monday I have a full day.  Jury trial will take all morning. Depending on how the weekend goes I may make opening statements and one witness.  Monday will be jury selection all morning and then most of the afternoon lost to attorney posturing and opening statements.  Do not expect much until Tuesday. I expect to head to Austin on Tuesday morning.  I fight many battles, and I cannot drop one to fight another.


Art. 31.01. ON COURT'S OWN MOTION. Whenever in any case of felony or misdemeanor punishable by confinement, the judge presiding shall be satisfied that a trial, alike fair and impartial to the accused and to the State, cannot, from any cause, be had in the county in which the case is pending, he may, upon his own motion, after due notice to accused and the State, and after hearing evidence thereon, order a change of venue to any county in the judicial district in which such county is located or in an adjoining district, stating in his order the grounds for such change of venue.

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