Thursday, March 2, 2017


This is one really bad cold.  The better cough medicine does not work when I am in bed.  I was up all night coughing and with a 100 plus fever.  There must be something with the respiratory system which makes coughing easier when you are on your back.  I tried sleeping on my belly, but it does not work.  The second I fall asleep I roll over to my back.


I only get to vote in the at large election and I will be voting a blank ballot.  Here is the deal.  If Rose Gowen loses the city will sue Castro to have his felony conviction formally reinstated which then leaves the city commission to give it to Rose Gowen.  The other option is Tony Martinez will agree to not sue Castro if Castro agrees to become his bitch.  So the bottom line is, we either have Rose Gowen and Castro as Tony's bitch.


 This is Munguia's race to lose.  His signs are everywhere, while Garza basically does not exist.  Garza's only chance of winning is a very large army of walkers who will go door to door pushing Garza with a clear message as to why he is better than Munguia.  Not an easy job without boring the voter.  Getting into the complexity of Tony Martinez, and how he supports Munguia could put some voters to sleep.  But I am a strong advocate of the door to door campaign.

I have told this story before.  Had I known nothing else about the campaign between Jonathan Gracia and Erin Garcia, other than what I learned when he came knocking at my door, I would have voted for Gracia. An effective door to door campaign can win an election.


I know voters who live in Villarreal's district who have never heard of him.  Outside downtown and legal circles Ben Neece has no name recognition.  So this basically puts Neece and Villarreal at the same starting point.  Look Martinez does not want to lose his cabin boy Villarreal.  If Martinez and his backers think for one second Villarreal is in trouble they will go negative.  They have the money for ads and mailers.  This race is any one's guess.  It will come down to how far Martinez and those controlling Villarreal's reelection will go to win.


This election really does not matter and I do not care who wins.  The people are not on any one's agenda.  We have no water policy.  There is no reason for the BPUB to still be charging a fuel surcharge, but no one cares.  There is no reason for the BPUB to not role back rates now that Tenaska is dead, but not one cares.

The Weir dam can be funded now with state and federal funds to handle SpaceX water needs, and later expanded to back up water to downtown once Mexico is ready to make this into a reality.  No one cares.  They will just charge us a higher water rate to cover Space X.

SpaceX is very questionable.  The status is they have no brought in tons of soil to stabilize to area so they can build.  But I can tell you, numerous national and local sources have tried to get a status on what is happening at SpaceX in Brownsville and their answer is always the same, they deny all requests for information.

The money for the new airport terminal is not certain and the same goes for the runway expansion. SpaceX cannot land the planes with the rockets it needs without the runway expansion.  Why is no one talking about this mess?  If you look at the projections given by the airport to complete the runway expansion, and when SpaceX wants its first launch they do not align.

So given no one seems to care about the issues, why should I vote for anyone?. I guess Mike Hernandez forgot his promise as the con artist he is to recruit better candidates.  Oh wait, he could not recruit anyone because he has no political capital in Brownsville other than through his association with Carlos Marin, who is calling the shots when it comes to  elections.

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