Friday, March 17, 2017


For weeks JCP has been offering early retirement to a host of Brownsville employees.  This told me Brownsville was safe.  It also told me that one of the two McAllen stores would be closing.  It's a numbers game.  Many of the McAllen employees who can afford to commute or make the move could end up in Brownsville..  The store is down several assistant managers.

The good news is Brownsville survived the cut.  The job openings created by those who have chosen early retirement will open the door to employees from McAllen to fill the openings in Brownsville. Also the economy is good so the part time sales associates will land on their feet, while collecting unemployment before finding a new job.

Our city commission needs to carefully look at how retail is changing.  We may not survive the next big cuts at JCP and Sears.  Although JCP seems to have made a turn around and is now just trying to hold on to its gains, we still need to rethink how we keep these big retailers in the mall..

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